All India Federation of Labour Unions, India : Manifesto



1. Today the world’s progress resides in the blood drop of laborious people. But the labour world is suffering because of the utter poverty. The labours crores in number are stuck in the bunch of problems without having proper food and drinking water and are troubling for survival.

By the labour of Physical energy and mental capabilities of the labour people are striving for the development and benefits of society but they are not meeting the common amenities like two times meals a day and are suffering internally not letting the fact to know others without having abodes for them on the earth even though born on this world being poorer. Most of them are united labours working in companies and non united labours working in Towns and cities at labour addas and non united agriculture labours working in rural areas in agricultural field and there are so many of women labours who are working houses.

2. The Indian rulers who boast saying that they will do so much for the labour people they are taking advantages over labour people showing notes of rupees for votes and after they are breaking their words not even solving least problems of labour people. Moreover by introducing the commission agents giving some licences to exploit the labour people resulting to be very poor.

3. India rulers and opposition parties leaving the problems of labour people they are struggling themselves for political purposes, authority making much ado fighting like animals in order to get authority thrones. As they say they are public representatives the rulers are striving hard for recovering their amounts which were spent on the previous elections leaving the public welfare aside and trying to get to stand in the next elections. The officers are under the influence of these rulers have been amassing corruption money. These public representatives and officers have not an intention of solving the public problems, and have not an intention of development of public providing them good livelihood.

4. The exploitation groups which exploit the labour people are forming as parties participating in parliamentarian political business and exploiting the same public who made them rulers as their representatives. Rulers who turned to be businessmen they have made politics is the thoroughfare for corrupted authority. Leaving the public welfare scheme aside the public representatives are amassing black money committing open corruption.

5.Even if there are clashes among the Indian rulers that is ultimate for seats of parliamentary only and all political parties and for the promotions only but not for the wellbeing of labour people who are more than 90% of total public. However how so many clashes are among them they will unite as one under the limits of parliament and assembly house through discussions. Even though the political business parties are different but all the rulers are one. Even though the shapes are different the exploitation is the same. The public funds which have to be spent for development scheme are being utilized for their selfish business purposes.

By misleading by convincing labour people in order to get their votes the rulers will promise so many things before elections which cannot be implemented and having elected those are breaking their words. With help of votes of labour people and after having got authority they are striving to implement schemes for development of exploitation groups and killing the labour people who are fighting for livelihood of labour people. Indian rulers by implementing the anti development programmes for labour people and arguing that it is the democracy. Might it be democracy to the exploitation groups but for the labour public it is only false democracy. The new democracy labour people having sovereignty over and which is meant for the development of labour public must have to be achieved in India.

6. As per the labour acts the trade unions are to be independent and stand on behalf of labour people and doing the people fights for achievement of better livelihood but the leaders of trade unions in India are striving for the selfish purposes of parliamentary and political business parties by becoming tails to them leaving all the labour public purposes and living with profitable politics. Not being labour, having no Marxist ideas, men who belong to the ruling political parties are becoming trade union leaders and are not concentrating on the labour problems because without having least knowledge about acts or unable to conduct labour fights are being made pans in chess game of different political parties. With a notion that today that there are no trade unions in Indian labour class fights with ideas of Marxism AIFLU is trying to get rid of this insufficiency.

7. With an attitude of labour people fight the communist parties were to continue the Telangana Sayuda Raitanga Poratam to take over the authority of state even though the people forced to do so. And by the result the fight movement went into the revisionist activities. And accordingly the affiliated trade unions have left with labour fight movements turned to be political venues.

8. In the attitude of Indian parliament various communist parties have made the labours to be nerveless and turned to be advantageous to the capitalist system. They having amended the Marxism and extracted out the essence of revolution. They have turned to be servants to the Burjuva and became agents to their political ends.

9. To motivate labour revolution and to have that calibers to monitor for the development of revolutionary principles and for that achievement must have worn the armor of Marxism. That should be taken into labour fight movement and after that the fight movement should be motivated with the socialist ideas. Without labour domination and without realizing the social revolution it is impossible to root out the exploitation on labour work and it is impossible to achieve socialism.

10.In India the labour people are being exploited by the two major exploitation ways. One is that who are united labours working in factories and the other who are non‐united working labour at Addas in Towns and cities are being exploited.

11. United labours:‐ The lakhs of united labours in India are mainly working in the large scale industries, medium scale, and small industries in main cities and striving for the development activities of production taking a major role. When the labour do not attend their duties, the machines are to be stopped and by the result there must occur so much loss without production, the management is not giving that much importance to that much which is given to their machines.

The labour people are striving too hard as much machines do and making the production value of crores of rupees but the labour people are being paid very meager salaries which is not sufficient for their monthly expenses and awaiting for next month’s salaries leading their lives whether to live or die. Not even they are getting compensation in the event of losing their limbs or lose their lives in accidents while their duties. Throughout the world all the labour people are being deceived of their labour. The AIFLU is motivating making them to participate in the labour fight movements by uniting them.

12. Contract labours: Some of the labours who are working under the managements of industries all over India and the some others are working under the contractors who are appointed by the management. These labour cannot get sufficient salaries and can be removed at any time, and no insurances are applicable in their case. The payments are given to them by the contractors only and not by the management. The rulers have made the labour acts constricted to the papers only and implemented the acts which are to be helpful to the managements and exploiting contractors. To control the anti labour acts the AIFLU has united these labour people.

13.Un united labours: ‐ Building construction labours like Tapi Mestries, spade workers, sentry labours, plumbers, electrical , housing workers, painters, etc., auto rickshaw labours, rickshaw labours, ( goods rickshaw labour, municipal rickshaw labours) , Beedi labours, house keeping workings, Hamali wokers, stone crusher labours, municipal sanitation labours etc. These workers have no work guarantee and there is no confidence they may get work every day. To them it is troublesome even to get work. And after completion of the work it is too hard to get their wages. They have been deceived, threatened, attacked most of the incidents when they ask for their wages for work done.

For the women labour there is no safety at all. If any accidents happened in their duties and lost their lives there is less chance of getting any compensations. These non‐united labours are not meeting two times meals a day and leading very miserable and poor lives. These labour are being exploited by the contractors are falling prey to the appetite and diseases. There are so many acts in order to protect them and their purposes but the all the schemes are not being implemented leading them to the drastic desperate positions. These un united labours are being united by the organizers and divided them from the political, ruling party unions the AIFLU has integrated them by making them to participate in the leadership fight movements for the better livelihood.

14. Women labours:‐ The Indian women labour are taking the major role in all the sectors by striving for the development of our society values still they have been falling prey to the fascist culture, and “manudharma” male chauvinist bonds and suffering from mental and physical tortures. The women are treated as a children productive machine and servant to men as thing that give sexual desires and in this way the women are being dominated by men suffering from all their tortures. Some selfish persons for their selfish ends they have been showing the obscenity over women in their cinemas and in some of their TV serials and by the result their effect should be on the society and their values are being thrown on the road like cutting the throats under the presence of many persons and are showing acid attacks.

Women are being deceived and murdered. There so many acts of protection and purposes for women but all are not allowed to be implemented and are being constricted to the papers only. Although the married life is equal to men and women but in the name of dowry taking thousands of lakhs of rupees, and bridegroom is being sold out for lakh of rupees and under the feet of sold out person the women have to do slavery is being supported by the Indian rulers under the disguise of traditions and left with the idea of dowry prohibition. By the result the labour women are being harassed and are being fell prey to the dowry deaths.

The labour world is now on the lit up furnace of dowry. But the Indian rulers are not yet implementing the dowry prohibition act. Not even publishing this. In the patriarch Manudhrarma male chauvinist society there is no protection to women at all. To get the freedom from the patriarch male chauvinist society it is then only possible when the states without discrimination and having no inequalities of social, community, and economical and the labour dominating states should be established and then only it is possible. The AIFLU is integrating all these women unions with a solution in order to achieve their rights and is undertaking the labour fight movements for the better livelihood.

15. Agriculture labour: India is basically an agriculture country but even though not only it is not implementing any acts for the development of agriculture labours but also obstructing them so that they cannot cultivate crops in their fields. Not only not providing the sufficient seeds not available at the time of seeding but also not giving the sufficient prices for the grains out their crops. With the result of not providing them with agricultural loans the agricultural labours have to approach the private money lenders for loans and without getting reasonable prices for their yields as they could not repay their loans many of them have been committing suicidal consuming pesticides.

And becoming labours by disposing off their agriculture lands. Once in the past the formers have opted to get heavy yields having come to the opinion with indifference that how so much the crop yield there is not benefit. While their yields are being exploited by the mediators at the market yards the rulers are deceiving the farmers of their lands with name of SEZ ( Special Economic Zone) like the black acts have been implemented the lakhs of acres of lands have been grabbed by the capitalists.

The proposal of Thermal Electricity Plants which is opposed with agricultural labours is being tried the police have killed those agriculture labours. The AIFLU is integrating all these farmer labour by the name of Agricultural Labour Federation for the solution of achieving their rights and is undertaking the labour fight movements for their better livelihood.

16. Fights of nationality: For Self respect of Nationality, freedom the AIFLU has been giving the support the freedom fights of national and international fights.

17. Castes ‐ Religions: Most of the Indian people are slaves, labours, the castes are the creation of Hindu Religious Manudharma. As per the Manudharma the Brahmins are born from the mouth of Brahma, the Kshatriyas born from the shoulders of Brahma, the Vysyas born from the naval of Brahma, and the Shudras born from the legs of Brahma. With combination of shudra male and the Brahmin female born children are called Ashprushas. The Shudras are ‐ Gouds, Mangali, Yadavs, Raos, Reddys and Kapus and others.

The ashprushas are – Mala Madiga and their sub castes. As much as the truth is that nobody can be born out of mouth and it is same as truth castes cannot be survived. The unable Brahmans who cannot participate in the production works they have lived have been chanting the mantras. Those are the only Brahmins who have been protecting these castes and the hatreds between the castes. For the development of labour people that there are reservation are provided in the Indian constitution by the pattern of caste but not by the economical grounds now the caste system in use at least. Now a days the leaders of Caste societies are taking the responsibility after the Brahmins protecting the caste system.

These are conducting the meetings of Panchayats have been collecting money thousands of rupees from the labour people with name fines. In this way the casteism transactions having with authority or not having the authority they have been working on the basis of caste.

Some of them are canvassing by publishing through media that like people of this caste must cast their votes to particular party only. In the name of caste they have been making the own benefits but not trying to solve out their common problems. Not only they are not supporting the inter caste marriages but also they are fighting that their caste is the greater one than others they are making them fight each other and by the they trying to divide the couple. In some of the cases they happened to the inter caste couples to depart.

As Dr. Ambedkar said that on the caste pattern neither a nation nor ethics cannot be constructed. The caste societies must have removed the castes out from the society but not construct the castes. The labour union people who are being divided on the basis of casteism by the manudharma psyches of casteism the AIFLU is uniting these labour people and taking participation their labour unions. In the labour dominating socialist state the caste system will be eradicated. The forward castes have been committed attacks over the backwards castes the AIFLU will condemn all of those. In India the Hindu religious psyches will commit any attacks on the minority religions the AIFLU will certainly protest against it.

18. The fights movements for Separate State: At the every corner of this Indian society no justice is done to us. The funds, rights , and resources of our region when some people of other regions are predating and stealing people of any region are conducting agitations for the separate state the AIFLU will certainly support their fights. In Andhra Pradesh the AIFLU is supporting the separate Telangana State Movement, separate Andhra state, and separate Rayalaseema state achievement fight movement.

19. The AIFLU also support the democratic fight movements either national or international.

20. According with the integration of all these things in the manifesto to the labour, cultivators, and women labour the AIFLU has given memberships.

The AIFLU is flourished!

Marxism‐Leninism‐ Labour class fights will be flourished !!

All Indian labours are to be united!

We should fight for the State of labour domination without having social, communal, and economical inequalities !!

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