Press Release about the mass murder in Ankara-KKE (ml)


We condemn with outrage the mass murder that took place on Saturday 10-10-2015 at the Railway Station of Ankara. This is a crime against the democratic, antifascist, and antiwar movement of the Turkish people. It is a cowardly attack against the national, democratic movement of the Kurdish people, an act of blind violence against the anti-imperialists and the workers of our neighbor country. Such crimes are committed only by reactionary and fascist forces and their imperialist patrons.

Such acts can only be planned and executed by forces that want to terrorize the peoples and so push them into an unending massacre, towards war and internecine strife in order to serve the imperialist evil interests and domination.

Such acts aim to bend the will of the peoples fighting against fascism and imperialism. But they will not succeed! The peoples will continue to struggle, to shout their demands, to rise up, to resist and build a new victorious road to the future! The Ankara massacre is a continuation of similar attacks against the democratic and antifascist movement of the peoples of Turkey and the national democratic Kurdish movement. It is a continuation of the attacks at Diyarbakir and Suruç. It follows the state terrorism at Cizre and the attacks in Turkish Kurdistan.

The Turkish state and the present AKP government are greatly responsible for targeting and attacking the popular and labor movements, for the systematic oppression and suppression. Terrorists are not the left and labor militants in Turkey neither the national democratic Kurdish movement, as Davotoğlu stated with audacity and hypocrisy. Terrorists are the state mechanisms of the Turkish regime, the reactionary allies of Erdoğan in Syria and the Arab world.

Terrorists are the imperialists that have massed up in the region like vultures fomenting every reactionary act and force. The Ankara massacre confirms tragically that the whole region of Middle east and Eastern Mediterranean has entered a dark period of war and massacre. The main responsible for these developments are the imperialists (US, France, England, EU, Russia, etc) together with every kind of reactionaries and the terror state of Israel. If we do not build a massive, internationalist, and anti-imperialist movement of the peoples in the region then war and fascism will bring more blood and misfortune, more refugees and destruction.

The Communist Party of Greece (marxist-leninist) sends a message of solidarity to the struggling Turkish people, to the antifascist and anti-imperialist movements, to the fighting Left and the national democratic Kurdish movement. We promise that we will do everything we can to build a massive anti-imperialist, internationalist movement in Greece against the nightmarish schemes of the international criminals and every reactionary. We will strive to unite the struggles of the peoples of the region, in the Balkans and the Middle East, against imperialism and fascism. We will struggle first of all to oust the imperialists from our country together with their military bases, to leave NATO and to cancel the plans of the bourgeoisie and the SYRIZA-ANEL government of creating new bases and new facilities for the US.





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