Statement from Palestinian prisoners in Israeli Jails: Intensify the flames of the uprising-PFLP


Statement of the leadership of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine organization in Israeli jails…

To the masses of our people, who are giving so many sacrifices, martyrs, prisoners and wounded, our masses who are continuing and escalating the intifada, confronting the usurper Zionist entity, its soldiers and its settler hordes…to the heroes of stones and Molotov cocktails….our martyred sister Hadeel Hashlamoun…our martyred brothers Diaa Talahmeh, Muhannad Halabi, Fadi Alloun, Hudhaifa Osman and Abdelrahman Obeidullah…our steadfast people in the city of Jerusalem, all of our people on their land in the occupied West Bank occupied homeland of 48…in the camps in Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and Iraq and all parts of the world in diaspora…To the sons of Abu Jihad and Al-Yassin and Al-Hakim and Abu Ali and Shikaki and Al-Qassem, and the long list of the martyrs of our people…

The uprising is escalating in size and continuity, with loyalty to the blood of the martyrs and supporting our steadfastness in Israeli jails, toward victory for the wounded of the homeland. In expression of our rejection of the occupier and its crimes, we in the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine branch in Israeli jails issue an urgent appeal:

1) The Palestinian prisoners’ movement in Israeli jails is an integral part of your struggle, and will certainly stand with you and your program of struggle in which the prisoners’ movement will participate in all aspects.

2) The General Secretary, Ahmad Sa’adat, the leader, greets you; he is watching the developments of the mass movement and calls on all hands to rise in confrontation and steadfastness.

3) All of the sectors of our people: Popular committees in the camps and villages, youth, students, women, workers and intellectuals must engage in the continued mass movement against the occupation and the settlers under the banner of the Palestinian flag, to escalate the popular uprising to an overwhelming level, to develop its potential throughout the West Bank and Jerusalem and to ease the pressure of the occupation on the burning areas.

4) Increase the resistance actions and rising to confront the usurper entity, its soldiers, settlers and undercover agents…turn the roads into traps for occupation and settlers…continuing throwing Molotov cocktails and stones…the occupation must live under pressure until forced to concede our rights.

5) There is an urgent need to mobilize all energes and resistance in the battle of the camps, to confront the invasions of occupation forces, closing streets and erecting barricades, preventing them from entering the camps. The camps are an incubator of intifada and the starting point of uprising and resistance to the occupation.

6) The national and Islamic forces must come together immediately to form a unified national leadership with tasks divided in various committees; it is upon themselves to manage the battle of the uprising, maintain its continuity and mass popular character, and to mobilize popular participation in these activities, support the steadfastness of our people and provide for their needs under closure, siege and occupation pressure.

7) Our people will continue in Gaza, in ’48, in the camps and in the Diaspora to take to the street in marches in support of the ongoing rising in Jerusalem in the West Bank, affirming the unity of our national territory and the interrelationship between the components of the Palestinian people.

8) The Palestinian leadership must resolve clearly in public to end all of the obligations of the Oslo accords, end security coordination and economic agreements; the rifles of the security services must protect our people from the occupation and settlers, not suppress our people and arrest them.

9) Universities and schools should take to the squares to rally in support of the popular uprising, with broad participation in its activities, raising the morale of our people.

10) The importance of political and diplomatic struggle to convey the message of our people and their demands to the whole world. This includes raising the files of the Palestinian cause to the United Nations, demanding international protection for our people and condemning the occupation and documenting its crimes against our people and their holy sites before the International Criminal Court.

11) We call on our people, the Arab masses and the progressive forces of the world; the solidarity movement, the global boycott movement, to support the steadfastness of our people and the uprising confronting the occupation, and work to expose the policies and crimes of the occupation on all levela and in all forums, to take to the streets and besiege the embassies of the enemy and provide academic, cultural and economic boycott of the enemy. To the masses of our people…Onwards toward further confrontation and escalation. Our struggle and our voice is your voice and your resistance. Your struggle is an extension of our steadfastness and battle of wills and struggle of empty stomachs inside the occupation jails.

Long live Palestine, free and Arab from the river to the sea

Long live our victorious uprising

Glory and eternity to the martyrs,

Victory to our people

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