Down with the so-called “new war against terrorism” of the Turkish Government against the PKK and the Kurdish people!


The everyday burning War Front in the Middle East shows that the world lives the threshold of a new imperialist world, a predatory war, where the sinister eagerness of domain and dispute over areas of influence for the new distribution of the world survives and is mainly fanned by US imperialism, NATO and its regional allies, opposing masses against masses. We´ve all seen with indignation the recent destruction of Iraq or Libya which intends to be repeated in Syria, today plunged into a civil war that in only 4 years has caused more than 250 thousand people dead and millions displaced, leaving a virtually destroyed country and its economy on the brink of collapse, for which powers such as the United States, France, Saudi Arabia, among others, are responsible.

Albeit this new failure, now through the action ofthe Turkish Government, also pressed by North American imperialism and under the pretext of the so-called “new war against terrorism” to combat the Islamic State, gives the military base of Incirlik and extends the warmongering against the Kurdish people of Turkey, Syria and Iraq, bringing down a peace process that was being unfolded since 2013 with the PKK. We condemn the position of the Erdogan´s reactionary government, who also giving a twist to his internal politics and seeking to achieve parliamentary majority to impose a system of further centralisation of presidential government, increasingly anti-democratic and authoritarian, has proceeded with systematic bombardments, massive arrests against the militiamen of the PKK, as well as the persecution of the pro-Kurdish political organisation that contend in Parliament.

We reject and condemn much especially the decision of the Turkish Government to isolate the leading political prisoner Abdullah Öcalan, who has been kept incommunicado since March, contravening the advances in the peace process of which he is the main interlocutor. On the other hand, we express our condemnation of the attacks of the Islamic State against the Kurdish people, which, from its retrograde and stale ideology seeks to extend its Caliphate to all that was part of the reactionary Ottoman Empire, and is today used as the pretext needed by the Turkish regime to attack the Kurdish people. We express our firm support to the just struggle of the Kurdish people and we demand a solution to the demands of the political prisoners of the PKK, who are now in hunger strike, including cessation of the isolation of Companion Abdullah Öcalan well as an end of the bombing of the Turkish army.

Finally, as Marxist-Leninist-Maoists we reiterate our firm decision to combat imperialism, mainly Yankee imperialism, leading enemy of the peoples of the world; opposing revolution to imperialistic world war; people do not need imperialism. We reaffirm ourselves in the principle of free self-determination of the peoples, respect for national sovereignty and defence of the territorial integrity of the countries.

Down with the so-called “new war against terrorism” of the Turkish government against the PKK and the Kurdish people!

Support the struggle of the Kurdish people!

Cessation of the isolation of Companion Abdullah Öcalan!

Peru, September 2015

Central Committee

Communist Party of Peru

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