All imperialists and reactionaries out of Syria! No to any involvement of our country! No to any facilities to imperialists!


The airstrikes of Russia on Syrian ground that started on 30 September 2015 will result in two certain things:

● They will cause more bloodshed and catastrophe on the Syrian people, deepening the internal conflicts and increasing the desperate refugee exodus.

● They will multiply the dangers of a broader military conflict in the region behind which lies a fierce antagonism among the imperialist powers. The people of Syria as well as the peoples of the whole region will be again the great losers in this new escalation of imperialist intervention which is led either from Washington or Moscow or Paris or any international alliance under the aegis of the UN. They will become again live targets of the imperialist war machines and at the same time objects of shameless negotiations for the redrawing of borders. The Communist Party of Greece (marxist – leninist) condemns the Russian air strikes on Syrian ground, as well as the air strikes of France or the US-led alliance.

We condemn any intervention by regional reactionary governments like Turkey, Saudi Arabia, or Israel. We call the anti-imperialist peace-loving movement of our country to express in a massive way their opposition to these dangerous developments as well as to continue expressing their solidarity to the refugees of this imperialist war. We call the Greek people to demand from the government to abstain from any military operation against the Syrian people under any pretext and any international aegis. This demand must be more imperative after the “good words” of Obama to Tsipras and the quid pro quo these words entail.

No to the imperialist wars!

Peoples do not need protectors!

Solidarity to the Syrian people and the refugees!

NATO and military bases out of our country!

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