1. Shansi Media Has Again Lashed Out At Upper Level Authority, This Time Broadly Endorsing Disobedience. “No Matter Who And No Matter When, So Long As There Are People Who Negate The Great Achievements” Of The Cultural Revolution, “the Masses Will Persist In Struggle And Attack Them…,” Says An April 10 Shansi Daily Newsletter Broadcast By Shansi Radio April 19.

Referring To The People Of Shansi’s Hsiyang County “under The Leadership Of Comrade Chen Yung-Juei” (Politburo Member And Agricultural Hero), The Newsletter Reports That “they No Longer Act Blindly On Instructions From Above, As They Did In The Past. Instead, They Ask ‘why’ About Each Instruction…They Implement All Correct Instructions…And Boycott And Struggle Against All Erroneous Ones.”

2. Comment.There Is No Doubt About The Current Context Of This Challenge To Upper Level Authority And While Shansi’s Provincial Leadership Is Clearly Under Attack, It Cannot Be Ruled Out That The Call For Local Scrutiny Of Upper Level Instructions May Apply To Some Policy Directions From The National Level. The Newsletter As Broadcast Seems Deliberately Ambiguous On This Point. It Appears To Pose Chen’s Country Bailiwick As A Model Of Rebellion Against Erroneous Instructions From Any Source.


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