Summary. A Shanghai Newspaper Has Attacked Those Who Are “Perverting” The Anti-Lin/Confucius Campaign Within That City.The Commentary Seemingly Places Shanghai Squarely Behind The Campaign’s Recent Shift Toward Moderation. End Summary.

1. A Shanghai Newspaper Has Alluded To Recent Serious Problems In That City. The Allusion, In A February 24 Wen Hui Pao Commentary, Relates To The Slogan ” Carry Forward The Spirit Of The Stormy January Revolution.” (A Reference To The 1967 Shanghai January Storm). According To Wen Hui Pao, “Class Enemies Are Either Perverting This Slogan Or Using It As A Cover While Engaging In Ulterior Criminal Activities, And…Even Among Our Own Ranks, Some Comrades’ Understanding Of The Slogan Is Based On A Bourgeois World Outlook.” Behind This Unusual Media Reference To Present-Day” Class Enemies” And ” Criminal Activities” Is A Sense Of Something Having Gone Very Much Awry In Shanghai’s Carrying Out Of The Anti-Lin/Confucius Movement, And Of Wen Hui Pao–And Shanghai’s Leadership–Having To Correct The Error In Some Fashion.

2. The Rest Of The Commentary Leaves No Doubt That Shanghai Is Being Drawn Behind The Recent Shift Toward Moderation (REFTELS). Making A “Very Necessary” Explanation Of The “Stormy January Revolution” Slogan, Wen Hui Pao Says That “At Present,” It Means “We Must Diligently Study.” The Newspaper Even (Inaccurately) Proclaims That The Disruptive And Violent 1967 January Storm “United” Revolutionaries ” Together” And Was Waged By Workers Who Used The “Pen” As Their “Sword And Gun.” It Quotes Copiously From The February 20 Editorial, Then Goes On To Emphasize That Making Revolution Is A “Spare Time” Activity Not To Be Set Against Production. Such Language Reverses Shanghai’s Previous Stress On Revolution Over Production.

3. Comment. Shanghai Has Recently Seemed Particularly Sensitive About Violence, And Its Journal, Study And Criticism, Has Already Sought To Cast The January Storm As Leading To Law And Order, Not Violence (HONG Kong 229). If Shanghai Leaders Such As Chang Chun-Chiao Are Defensive About Their Involvement With Cultural Revolution Disorders, They might Be Expected To React Sharply To Any Breakdown Of Order In Areas Under Their Control ( See WR9). In Any Case, The Newspaper Commentary And The Reported Removal Of Anti-Lin/Confucius Posters In Shanghai (HONG Kong 2304) Suggest The Campaign Has Definitely Been Turned Down In China’s Largest And Most Radical City.


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