1. We Have Been Following With Interest The Development Of Criticism In The Cultural Sphere. In The Literary Area Thus Far The Focus Has Been On The Short Novel ” Life,” Which Allegedly Slanders And Maligns The Cultural Revolution (CR). This 1971 Work Was First Published In The Shenyang Journal ” Workers- Peasant-Soldiers Literature” In 1972. On January 30 This Year, The Peking’s Kuang Ming Daily Devoted An Entire Page To Two Critiques On It Reprinted From A 1973 Issue Of A Liaoning University Journal. Criticism Of “life” Has Again Come Up, This Time In A Shenyang Radio Broadcast Of February 22.

2. The Salient Points Of The News Articles And The Broadcast Remain Constant. The Novel Is Attacked For Suggesting That The CR Was Neither Absolutely Necessary Nor Timely And That It Caused Chaos In An Otherwise Peaceful Society. The Story Allegedly Distorts The CR By Portraying The January Revolutionary Storm. (Which Was Launched In Shanghai In 1967) As Being Counter-Productive And Facilitating The Counter- Attack And Comeback Of Rightist And Reactionaries Who Earlier Had Been Purged And Dismissed From Office.

3. The Shenyang Broadcast Bluntly Sets Forth The Problems With “Life.” It Attacks The Story For Conveying The Impression That ” At The Time Of The Four Clean-Up Movement (Part Of The Socialist Education Movement Circa ’63-64 When Liu Shao-Chi Was In Authority) Bad People Were Removed From Leading Posts While Good People Were Assigned To Leading Posts. But During The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution Bad People Rose And Good People Were Bullied. Bad People Were Reessigned To Leading Posts, While Good People Stepped Down From Their Leading Posts.” The Criticism Explicitly Raises The Question As To “How Could Such’bad’ Works As ‘Life’ Have Appeared At All?”

4. Comment: This Question Hes Begun To Appear Elsewhere In The Regime Media And Suggests A Sharpening Of The Current Attack On Revisionism In The Cultural Sphere With More Frequent Singling Out Of Errant Works.


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