A pro-memorandum government with a pro-memorandum opposition and reactionary reserves A reactionary post-election scene


KKE (ml)

1. The 20th of September elections created a more antipopular and reactionary scene. The SYRIZA win means that a new cycle of barbaric and antipopular measures imposed by the third memorandum will be implemented under the dictates of the imperialists and the full consensus of the bourgeois powers (ND, PASOK and POTAMI). The reelection of SYRIZA means the continuation of the reactionary imperialist plans in the Eastern Mediterranean, the intensification of the implementation of US-NATO plans that butcher whole countries and create refugee waves. This new election also consolidates the nazi party of Golden Dawn as the third power.

2. The September elections has also shown the dead-ends of the local bourgeoisie. The “reformed” SYRIZA is in government, ND and PASOK still exist as formidable forces and as reserves but popular discontent is present and is expressed in many ways and in any opportunity can be dangerous to the system.

3. The SYRIZA win despite the loss of about 320.000 votes is the result of the prevailing of the logics of “the lesser evil” and “the second chance”. There are no more hopes about any radical change but there is rather a widespread sense of despair in the broad masses facing a new savage attack. We must also take into account that the official “Left” has undermined and marginalized the militant path all those years. This result was achieved through a blatant blackmail of a false dilemma of choosing between SYRIZA or ND. This dilemma was promoted by the SYRIZA leadership based on the “no alternative road” and the necessity to implement the memorandum dictates. This dilemma was also assisted by the gallup companies and the notions of the “useless vote” that all Leftists, parliamentary or not have promoted.

4. Nevertheless a major part of the electorate did not succumb to the blackmail. This was shown through the great increase of abstention, the greatest in all years of parliamentary elections. This abstinence is a political reaction and worries the bourgeois headquarters. There were 760.000 fewer voters than January and this showed that a major part of the people did  not succumb to the false dilemmas. But we must mobilize these people into the path of resistance and struggle.

5. What does not worry the systemic forces is the growth of the nazis. That is because they are forces useful to the system in order to implement their reactionary political plans. Anyway the rise of the nazi Golden Dawn party is a grave danger first of all for the popular and labor movement. This reactionary formation is the long black hand of the system against any popular mobilization and against the popular and democratic demands. It is complement to the state repressive forces.

6. The question is what kind of Left we need in order to advance the mass workers” and people’s movements against imperialist domination and capitalist savagery. The KKE (CPG) does not want to move in that direction. It had a loss of 35.000 votes since January and this is indicative of its weakness to promote a truly militant way for the working masses especially now that the governmental “Left” has opened its cards. Also the new “Popular Unity” party (that has separated from SYRIZA recently) could not convince as having a different political approach. It has failed completely to present itself as the genuine expression of the “No” in the recent referendum.

7. We have in front of us a very difficult period. The third memorandum “must” be implemented along with the antipopular measures of the first two memorandums. The electoral Coalition of the CPG (m-l) and M-L CPG tried to show that we must not succumb to parliamentary illusions and bourgeois electoral views. Instead we tried to show that the way out for the people and the working masses lies in the direction of resistance and struggle against imperialist dependence and capitalist aggression.

We participated in the express-elections with all our forces and with resolution. A positive sign is that despite the widespread abstention and the unfavorable conditions we managed to increase our votes compared to January. Anyway our tasks ahead are great. These tasks are immediate and concern our lives and the future of the people and the working class. The election results show that these tasks will also be very difficult.

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