Peoples’s Front against the Imperialist Instigators of War People do not need protectors


There is information leaked to the Press that Russia asks from the Greek Foreign Ministry for the use of Greece’s aerial space for the transportation of aid to Syria, whereas the US are demanding of the Greek government to deny this request. The American Secretary of State John Kerry voices his worries to the Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov about the recent moves of Russia in Syria saying that they constitute a direct military involvement, when at the same time the Foreign Ministers of Iran and Saudi Arabia along with representatives of the “moderate Syrian opposition” hold meetings in Moscow. Moreover, France announces that it will start reconnaissance flights over Syria under the pretext of confronting the Islamic State.

At the same time streams of damned refugees are trying to cross the Aegean and the Mediterranean in an attempt to flee the ravages of war. These developments forebode new disasters for the peoples of the region and entangle the Greek people into this hot zone, too. The interventions and antagonisms of the imperialists (Americans, Russians, Europeans) for domination in Southeastern Mediterranean uses the people as canon fodder and liquidates whole countries.

To confront these massacres and the future ones there is no other way for the peoples but to build a united front of struggle and solidarity against imperialism and war. The Communist Party of Greece (marxist – leninist) condemns the government and the parties that follow the dogma “we belong to the West” (SYRIZA, New Democracy, PASOK, POTAMI) because they strengthen the bonds of imperialist domination, entangle our country into the imperialist conflicts and put our people in danger.

The CPG (m-l) calls to the people and the youth to build a mass anti-imperialist front of struggle as the dangers are growing and they must not be unprepared and just choose under which imperialist flag will bow. The responsibilities of organizations and parties that refer to the Left are especially heavy because they had time and again refused to acknowledge the dangers of imperialist yoke. The CPG (m-l) facing the elections of 20 September, supports the Electoral Coalition of CPG (m-l) and M-L CPG, and calls to all militants, workers and the youth to fight against the US, the EU and NATO for a peaceful, democratic, independent, and socialist Greece.

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