The parlamentary elections on 7th July 2015 became HDP ‘s victory and AKP ‘s defeat and the state president T. Erdoğan. HDP said, ‘we won’t allow you to become president’, the election’s results turned their announcement into reality. Besides their longing for 400 PM they prevented an AKP majority strong enough to form a government on its own. T. Erdoğan trying to lead country and government with the attitude of an Ottoman sultan still has not overcome his failure in the elections. He planned Neuwahlen and therefore violated constitution and laws. Coalition bargaining only served him as a means of distraction and he wasted time with it. Thus, he organized early elections on base of the constitution passed by the military-fascist junta of 1980. He decided to organize elections under the conditions of dirty war. T. Erdoğan admitted publicly he ordered the Turkish armed forces, to keep the 1st November away from becoming another 7th July.

This means a policy to get the desired result is applicated through conter-revolutionary force and state terrorism in Kurdistan. Today massacres are comitted in Kurdish cities and municipalities as a part of the fascist terrorism. Thousands of HDP members and Kurdish patriots are kept prisoners. Snipers murder children. The police special forces and soldiers commit all sorts of cruelties, burn down forests and cities are leveled to the ground. Guerillas are tortured before being killed, murdered female guerillas are presented naked in the streets. T. Erdoğan tries to make the population spy on each other; this policy is fairly known from the Ottoman Era. The natural, traditional and ethical structures of society are being destroyed by denunciation and corruption. He tries frighten society and exercise his power through village chairpeople, craftsmen, small shopkeeper, muftis and taxi drivers. With fear and threatening the Kurdish people is forced to migrate.

Tens of thousands Kurdish people will flee the massacres. The rulers try to force hundred thousand Kurds to stay away from voting this time. Therefore, this time their will be no election surveillance at all and all kinds of manipulation and fraud will be observed in the elections. Erdoğan and the AKP government together with the fascist generals he released from prison a concept of attack against the Kurdish people at the MGK meeting (National Security Council) in October 2014. Hence, after the 7th July elections the dirty war began. In Turkey, Kurdistan and Rojava this war has become a war of willpower between revolution and conter-revolution. The common goal of US, Barzani, KDP and AKP in this war is PKK and Kurdish liberation movement’s defeat or its acceptance of the Barzani line and liquidation of the Rojava revolution.

This means that HDP, which has become the common face of revolutionary struggle in Turkey, is being pushed back and the revolutionary dynamics are limited and eventualle liquidated. According to all polls and political observers the elections of 1st November will not bring any fundamental change. Contradicting with Erdoğan and AKP’s hopes the voter turnout is even rising. It’s obivous that in this case T. Erdoğan and the AKP war government in this case will try to get its results through state force and bans.

If they turn out not to be successful they might try to postpone the elections once again. Because of the government’s policy the elections process will be marked by chaotic developments, trys of attacks and massacres and political tension. There are no security measures for the elections in Kurdistan, one could take seriously. It wouldn’t be a suprise if HDP decided to stay away from the polls this time because of manipulation and oppression. T. Erdoğan and the AKP governemnt don’t even respect the formal electoral freedom of bourgeois democracy. Turkey is ruled by nacked and harsh fascist policy, laws and institutions.

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