Report on People’s Daily publicity for the famous leftist slogan “Be masters of the wharf and not slaves of tonnage” later to be featured in the so called “Shanghai Textbook”.

1. People’s Daily (PD)Has Advanced The Shanghai- Originated Attack On Leaders Who Overemphasize Production. In A February 1 Front Page Spread, Pd Calls National Attention To The Shanghai Dock Workers Big Character Poster “Be Masters Of The Wharf And Not Slaves Of Tonnage “(REF B). Pd Includes An Editor’s Note Which Stresses The Need To Look After “THE Line” As Well As Production, And In Effect Rebukes Cadre Who Concentrate On Output.

2. The Pd Note Also Praises Shanghai’s Workers For Posing The “Vital Question” Facing Management Today: ” What Do They Rely On To Boost Production?” By Implication, Pd’s Answer Strikes At Those Who Favor The Use Of Material Incentives.

3. Comment. Once Again,Shanghai Is Portrayed As Leading The Current Campaign Against New Targets; In The Present Case, Cadre Backsliding From The Cultural Revolution’s Emphasis On Politics Over Production. As Media (Most Recently In Shensi;Ref A) Have Warned, Those Who Oppose Political Campaigns Often Fall Back On The Need To Keep The Economy Humming. Pd’s Treatment Suggests That Fall-Back Position Is Already Under Attack.


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