Today, the Palace targeted ESP : 11 arrests


ESP (Socialist Party of the Oppressed/Ezilenlerin Sosyalist Partisi) was the target of a political liquidation operation today. Police raids have occurred against locals of ESP in Maltepe and Ataşehir, and at homes of party members in Kadıköy and Sancaktepe. After breaking down the doors, the Socialists were handcuffed before detention.

Etkin Haber Ajansı / Tuesday, September 8, 2015 at 12:36

As part of the political liquidation process against those opposed to the war, the Palace has targeted the Socialist Party of the Oppressed (ESP). Police raids have taken place in the locals of the organization in Maltepe and Ataşehir, and in party members homes in Kadıköy and Sancaktepe. At least 11 people were arrested.

Police special forces participated in the raids. The door of the local office of ESP in the district of Maltepe was broken down by anti-terrorist police forces who proceeded to ransack the office. Goods of Duygu Tuna, martyred in Suruc have been stolen. The door of the local office of ESP in Atasehir located in the district of 1 Mayis has been smashed by police. The grille protecting the local of Sancaktepe was destroyed with a « ram ». Raids took place in the house of the Suruc martyrs Ece Dinç and Büşra Mete, and Güray Şafak was put in custody.

The police broke down the door and windows of the apartment. Those found in the house were mistreated and handcuffed behind their backs. According to information received by the Legal Office of the Oppressed the names of 11 members of ESP held are: Şafak Güray, Filiz Çolak, Bersu Eroğlu, Hasret Hanbay Mahir Can Gültekin, Gamze Yüger, İsmail Gorur, Ersin Topçu, Cagdas Avcioglu, Eda Polat , Uğur Bolat.

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