State Department analysis of lead editorial of issue four of the influential Shanghai leftist journal Study and Criticism. 

Summary. Shanghai’s New Political Journal Has Called For More Active Political Debates Between Different Schools Of Thought And Taken The Stance That Endorsement Or Opposition On Important Issues Should Be Openly Expressed. End Summary.

1. The Lead Article In The Latest Issue Of The Shanghai Journal (Study And Criticism No. 4, December) Is Entitled “We Must Have A Lively And Active Political Situation” And Calls For Debates And Criticism Between Different Opinions And Schools Of Thought. The Article Changes That “Liu Shao-Chi, Lin Piao, And Others Like Them” Suppressed The People. “The Revolutionary Initiative Of The Masses Of The People Was Subdued To The Greatest extent As A Result…How Could We Have A Lively And Active Situation? …In Our Country There Must Be A Full Democratic Life And The Conscientious Implementation Of The System Of Democratic Centralism Inside And Outside The Party.” The Article Calls For Implementation Of “Chairman Mao’s Principle Of Letting A Hundred Flowers Bloom And A Hundred Schools Of Thought Contend” As “The Revolutionary Policy” For Struggle.

2. Mao’s Poem About “Suffering Ten Thousand Cuts…To Unhorse The Emperor” Is Quoted, Which Evokes Memories Of Red Guards Chanting It At The Beginning Of The Cultural Revolution, But This Is Combined With Expressions Of Moderation And Temperance Elsewhere In The Article. The “Tendency Of Sectarianism” Is Opposed, And In General The Call Is For Correction, Reform, And Unity In Dealing With Those Who Have Committed Mistakes. “WE Must… Be Patient In Doing Our Work And Must Not Be Impetuous,” The Article Cautions.

3. It Is Interesting To Note That The Article, Published December 16, Addresses The Same Warning To Intellectuals That Was Featured In The Regime’s Authoritative January 1 Editorial Two Weeks Later (HONG Kong 0001). This Adds To Earlier Indications That The Shanghai Journal Is Well Plugged In And Conveys Views From An Influential Quarter That Probably Includes Wang Hung-Wen And Chang Chun-Chiao, Shanghai’s Representatives On The Politburo’s Standing Committee, As Well As Yao Wen-Yuan.

4. Another Passage Is Worth Quoting, As It May Offer An Insight On The Journal’s Editorial Policy And Beyond That On Political Activities Currently Unfolding In The PRC: “AS To Matters Concerning Important Political Problems, We Should Express Our Attitude Of Endorsement Or Opposition. If There Is Any Problem, We Must Put It On The Table, Give Full Play To Democracy, And Permit Discussion About Different Opinions.” This Kind Of Stand- Up-And-Be-Counted Attitude Has Been Suggested By Earlier Issues Of The Journal Which In Separate Articles Endorsed Chou’s Foreign Policy Line, Vigorously Attacked Confucius, Defended The Left Against Suppression, And Advocated Arming The Workers.


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