Arrests during Army led suppression campaign "Operation Clean Heart".

Arrests during Army led suppression campaign “Operation Clean Heart”.

– Pronab


Bangladesh have a glorious heritage of Maoist movements. In the 60’s influenced by the historic struggle against Khrushchevite revisionism and the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution (GPCR) in China led by comrade Mao Tse Tung, a Maoist movement took shape in Bangladesh too. Influence of the upraising of Naxalbari of India also rendered encouragement to it. Due to various weaknesses the movement built on the basis of the third stage of proletarian class ideology – Maoism (then it was called Mao Tse Tung Thought, MTT) was divided into different centers from the very beginning. Based on Mao Tse Tung Thought these organizations built armed struggles against imperialism, expansionism and their agents, the ruling classes of this country, according to their own line.

Proletarian Party of East Bengal (Purbo Banglar Sharbohara Party, PBSP) established a base area in Peyara Bagan of Barisal district in 1971. Communist Party of East Bangal (ML) [CPEB (ML)] built a strong armed struggle in Atrai of Rajshahi district. Besides, in the early 70’s under the leadership of these organizations and Bangladesher Shammyabadi Dal (ML) [BSD (ML)] and EPCP (ML) various levels of armed struggles were raised in different parts of the country, which were crushed by the brutal suppression of the enemy in mid 70’s. The long history of these organizations for almost three decades contains many ups and downs of struggle as well as many splits. It contains experiences both positive and negative. Now there are almost six or seven centers of Maoists are existing.

In the years 98-99 PBSP splinted into three different centers – PBSP (CC), PBSP (MPK) and PBSP (MBRM). Though PBSP (CC) evaluated the other two organizations Maoist as a whole, non of them evaluated CC as Maoist. MBRM has evaluated CC and all other centers as revisionist. In this way they are engaged in antagonistic-sectarian struggle. MPK evaluated only MBRM as a Maoist center, but all others as revisionist or non-Maoist and only pro Mao. CPEB splintered into two organizations in 2002. The name of these two organizations are – CPEB (ML) and CPEB (ML) (Red Flag). In July ‘03 CPEB (ML) got divided again and CPEB (ML) (PW) emerged. Each of these organizations has adopted Charu Majumder’s teachings as their party’s ideology and each center call all other centers of the country as revisionist or non-Maoist. After the spilt, PBSP (CC) adopted “Political Report, 2001” containing a over all summation of 30-years of experience.

It was adopted by the 2nd Expanded Meeting (EM) of the central committee in mid 2002. Based on this summation and according to the new line the twelfth session of the CC (mid 2003) has adopted a strategic plan for leap into people’s war. Thus CC is trying to develop a successful people’s war. In the northern and southern parts of the country PBSP (CC) has significant armed struggles. They have notable and expanding activities in quite a few other districts including Dhaka, the capital. MBRM also maintains an important armed activity in northern and southern parts of the country. In southwestern and northern parts of the country CPEB also has it’s activities. MPK and BSD have no armed activity. They maintain their limited activities within the confines of mass organizations in the cities. It is relevant to mention here that CPEB (ML) and MBRM have no mass organizations beside armed organization. They think, having such a line of mass organization is wrong and an obstacle to people’s war. They talk about mass struggle and organization only under the shadow and influence of armed struggle.

In Madaripur – Shariatpur area of the south and Chalanbil area of the north, CC has some significant armed activities. CPEB (ML) (Red Flag) also has good armed activities in greater Rajshahi-Pabna district. CPEB (ML) (PW) is quite active in western region. Before split CPEB (ML) captured twenty weapons from the government forces in Daulatpur of Khulna in 2003. Besides, they have killed quote a few policemen recently in Khulna area trough bomb attacks and by other means. MBRM has vast activities in Pubna – Sirajganj – Rajbari districts. In September 2002 they captured nine weapons by attacking Randhunibari police camp in Sirajganj. Facing such a situation the state engaged into a country wide suppression campaign named “Operation Clean Heart” early 2003. It was commandeered principally by the military. The state is engaging in suppression campaigns quite often in the areas where revolutionary struggles exist.

Another suppression campaign has been launched by the Combined forces in six northern districts since 24th of June ’03 and in five southwestern districts since 17.07.03. in Khulna divisional area military officers are commandeering this suppression and massive onslaught has been launched with ten thousand soldiers and helicopters. Recently state has built up a paramilitary force named RAB (Rapid Action Battalion). This force along with police, in increasing engages in killing revolutionaries in custody and propagates these as “encounter”. PBSP (CC) has been giving immense importance to the task of uniting all the Maoists divided into different centers under one center on the basis of an overall correct line. They have taken initiatives through continuous efforts to have discussions-struggles with different Maoist organizations. They are pursuing a continuous and patient effort to an end the antagonistic-sectarian struggle among the contending centers.

Recently CPEB (ML) (Red Flag) also made an important development in their line towards shedding the antagonistic method of struggle. They have also joined CCOMPOSA. Maoist parties of India both from within and outside of RIM rendered important assistance to these initiatives. Their assistance and specially the examples of unification of various different Maoist centers and efforts towards such unification in India played and will continue to play an important and positive influential role. PBSP (CC) appreciate on advancing this process All in all Maoist movement in this country is going through a crucial juncture. Revolutionary armed struggles under the leadership of different Maoist centers have gained a new life.

But in regard of People’s War, these armed struggles have serious ideological-political errors and military mistakes, which demands correct summation as soon as possible. At the same time Maoists are still divided into many different centers and that has line basis, which needs to be struggle, but will enough advancement is not visible. The role of the Maoists in the arena of mass struggle is also shining more brightly. But even in this regard and on the question of joint activities base on front-line most of the organizations could not come out from the past errors yet. Under this situation the state is bringing down heavier suppression. To face and defeat them it is urgent to correct the mistakes of the over all line. Maoist movement of this country will advance towards greater development by correcting the mistakes on the question of People’s War, Maoist unity and party building and front-line – that is the desire of all the revolutionaries and revolutionary minded people.

August, 04

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