Female prisoners from MLKP/KKÖ go on hunger strike


Prisoners from MLKP/Komünist Kadın Örgütü(Marxist Leninist Communist Party/Communist Women Organisation) declared a 5 day hunger strike against inhuman actions towards the YJA Star guerilla Ekin Wan and others, demanding bodies be delivered to their families and standing in solidarity with PKK and PJAK prisoners. MLKP/KKÖ prisoners indicated that after the Suruç massacre AKP has escalated the assaults against the people, revolutionaries, socialists and Kurdish patriots.

It is remarked in the written statement that “ Medya resistance areas are being bombed, on the streets extra-judicial executions are carried out. State terror, increasing along with tortures and executions on the streets, burning down villages like in Lice and Varto, crowned with assaults against guerrilla funerals.”

The imprisoned women noted that YJA-STAR guerrilla Ekin Wan’s body was desecrated in Varto, “The ones who left Ekin Wan’s desecrated body on the streets, wanted to intimidate resisting women. By protecting Ekin Wan’s torturers and head & ear hunters that are taking pictures of guerrilla bodies, by promoting rapist killer Musa Çitil women’s enemy AKP wants to strangle women’s and Kurdish people’s freedom cry using the vicious war methods of the 90s.”

MLKP/KKÖ prisoners indicated fascist AKP government adds new atrocities to it’s inhuman actions, “There is no limit in their hatred against Rojava revolution which is women’s revolution at the same time. They hold the bodies of YPG/YPJ fighters who were immortalized fighting against rapist DAESH gangs at border gates. After Habur in Mürşitpınar mothers, families, our people were tortured. Disrespectful actions, assaults, insults done to our bodies are against our people and moral values and are unacceptable.”

5-day hunger strike is carried out

Female prisoners from MLKP cases, recorded that they are protesting assaults against Ekin Wan’s body, state terror aimed to force people into surrender, isolation of PKK leader Abdullah Öcalan and offensive stance against Rojava revolution.

“We greet the Kurdish people who responded to the extermination attacks with self-governance declarations. We greet the resistance of women, our people and the oppressed against vicious colonialist war and fascist aggression. We appropriate the hunger strike demands of the prisoners from PKK and PJAK and announced continuation till the delivery of combatant’s bodies to their families. As female prisoners from MLKP/KKÖ in order to stop inhuman actions against the bodies of Ekin Wan and other guerrillas, to demand delivery of bodies to their families, we are going on a hunger strike for 5 days beginning from 27 August 2015. We call all progressive, democratic, revolutionary forces and our people and particularly women to strengthen the struggle and escalate resistance.”

Via New Turkey

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