Armed struggle in Turkey/Kurdistan 22/8/2015


Police forces launched operations against three neighbourhoods in Yüksekova district of Hakkari this morning to close the trenches dug by the local people. Following the clashes between self-defense units and the police forces, the police were repelled from the neighbourhoods. Police special operations teams attacked, opened indiscriminate fire in Sur district of Amed, one was person killed. The KCK issued a press statement noting:

“Should these attacks not be responded with resistance, all democracy forces in Turkey, the Freedom Struggle of the Kurdish people in the first place, will be suppressed, and no obstacle will be left before the AKP’s intention of establishing an authoritarian order. In this regard, our resistance continues as a democracy struggle against this intention of the AKP, just like the struggle our movement waged against the 12 September fascism in 1980’s. There exists no power but this resistance that can stop the AKP now. From this aspect, the peoples of Turkey should also take action, just like was the case in Gezi process, and upset the plans of the AKP together with the Kurdish people.”


A HPG press release yesterday itemized the following actions:


Guerrillas conducted a sabotage action against a convoy of police and special operation teams on the road between Van and its Başkale district on August 19, which left 10 police wounded, including two heavily. Following the removal of the casualties from the scene, Turkish troops backed by village guards started an operation in the area with the support of reconnaissance flights by helicopters.

Five units affiliated to the Turkish army launched another operation in Sersilo, Asıngra and Dırejkê villages of Başkale at 04:00 on August 18, but retreated from the area at 16:00 the same day. Another operation was started in Çiyaniş and Exalê villages of Başkale on August 20 afternoon, and was unconclusively retreated at 17:00. An action by guerrillas targeted a group of special operation teams in Yeni neighborhood of Van at 20:00 on August 15. Four members of special operation teams were killed.


Guerrillas hit three Sikorsky and Cobra type helicopters after they took off from the Kato Jirka area in Şırnak’s Beytüşşebap district at 07:30 on August 21. One of the helicopters was severely damaged and forced to retreat from the area. Guerrillas burnt down and destroyed a total of 25 vehicles belonging to a private company, including 10 lorries involved in tunnel construction on Şırnak-Cizre road at 12:00 on August 20. In another action targeting a police checkpoint on Şırnak-Uludere road on August 20, guerrillas failed to detonate an explosive-laden vehicle parked near the checkpoint. In a following action with arms, guerrillas targeted an armored vehicle on its way to the scene for an intervention after the action.

While the casualties couldn’t be clarified, helicopters shelled the scene and Turkish troops launched an operation in the area. Three police were wounded as a result of an action by guerrillas who targeted a police guard box in Silopi town center on August 18.


In another action, guerrillas targeted the hydroelectric power plant in Pasur (Kulp) district of Amed at 16:00 on August 20. While the action caused material damaged, number of casualties couldn’t be verified. Following a bombardment in the triangle area of Amed, Farqin (Silvan) ve Karas (Kocaköy), Turkish army airdropped troops on Hill Zerge with 30 Sikorsky helicopters. The operation was later retreated inconclusively. HPG refuted Turkish army’s reports that 14 guerrillas lost their lives here, saying that guerrillas suffered no losses of life in this area.


Soldiers and village guards have laid ambushed around the İskanbu village in Şirvan district of Siirt.


Guerrillas conducted a large-scale action against the Horgov guard post in Iğdır at 15:30 on August 20. An explosive-laden truck was detonated at a distance of 500 meters to the guard post after was noticed by the soldiers here. After blocking the road between Iğdır and Bazid district of Kars, guerrillas destroyed two trucks of the state and informed the people about the current process. The road leading to Korxan guard post in Iğdır remains under the control of guerrillas since August 14. As the road remains blocked by guerrillas, supplies to the guard post were delivered by helicopters at 22:30 on August 20.


Dersim-Erzincan and Dersim-Ovacık roads also remain under the control of guerrillas since August 17.

HAKKARİ Two Cobra helicopters of the Turkish army shelled the Tılora area in Hakkari’s Yüksekova district at 12:00 on August 20, after which soldiers were airdropped into the area and launched an operation. Soldiers participating the operation opened random fire around and wounded three civilians. The operation was retreated inconclusively at 17:30 the same day.


Following a clash between soldiers and guerrillas, Turkish troops fired random bullets on a house of civilians in Nêrduşa village of Hakkari’s Şemzinan (Şemdinli) district on August 19. Guerrillas hit the Grana and Rubarok guard posts at the border to Avashin area of Medya Defense Zones at 09:00 and 12:00 on August 20. A vehicle in Rubarok guard post was damaged in the action after which troops in both posts bombed surrounding areas with howitzer and mortar fire.


Turkish troops have been deployed on three hills between Martyr Kendal and Kêlik areas at the border to Heftanin area of Medya Defense Zones on August 20 afternoon. Interrupted clashes are taking place between guerrillas and soldiers that have taken up positions here.”

Dozens of people were detained in house raids across the country yesterday.

The Basque nationalist organization Komite Internazionalistak has issued a statement in support of the national democratic struggle of the Kurdish people. It notes:

“Turkey, a NATO member, and located geographically in the heart of the Middle East, has been during these years, the patrons of the Islamic State, an instrument of Imperialism in the region, subjecting the people that live here to the most appalling and abominable actions of war, highlighting the rape, abduction and sale of women, and grabbing territories with the consequent slavery of people. But the people have not lost the time, and they built self-managed spaces on the basis of self-organisation and self-defense in communities in different neighborhoods in Hakkari, Silvan, Van, Ağrı, Muş etc, and shouted out ‘Edi Bese’ [Enough Already].”

Solders killed an elderly civilian on the Rojava border yesterday. The HPG Press Office issued a statement on the 20th itemizing the following actions in the previous days

“Guerrillas carried out a sabotage action in memory of the recently martyred YJA Star guerrilla Ekin Van on the road between Şirvan and Pervari districts of Siirt at 14:10 on August 19. Guerrillas destroyed a large military vehicle, which left 12 soldiers dead and three others heavily wounded. While Cobra helicopters shelled the scene after the action, troops launched an operation in Şirvan and Deleman areas with the participation of village guards. In an attempt for another action in memory of Ekin Van, YJA Star guerrillas were engaged in clashes with Turkish soldiers on Arıcak-Elazığ road at 05:00 on August 17. One specialist sergeant was killed and one village guard was wounded in the short-lasting clash.

Guerrillas conducted another action targeting the Verkalıt guard post in Baykan district of Siirt at 07:20 on August 20. One soldier was killed in an assassination action, and one other died after guerrillas destroyed an emplacement of heavy weapons in the post. Guerrillas destroyed a base station located between the villages of Sevanê and Hawrê in Batman’s Kozluk district at 00:45 on August 20. In another action against Simer guard post in Kozluk at 16:15 on August 19, guerrillas killed a soldier in an assassination attack and destroyed an emplacement here. The number of soldiers’ casualties couldn’t be clarified. Guerrillas infiltrated into a unit of Turkish soldiers preparing for an operation near Amed’s Hani district at 13:00 on August 19. One soldier was killed here. Turkish troops conducted an operation in Nêrduşa area between Yüksekova and Şemdinli districts of Hakkari at 15:00 on August 19.

Guerrillas responded to the troops as they opened random fire on the area with heavy weapons. As part of the Martyr Reşit Serdar Initiative, guerrillas conducted a sabotage action against two armored vehicles patrolling in Yeşildere neighborhood of Hakkari’s Yüksekova district at 01:30 on August 19. One of the armored vehicles was completely destroyed but the number of casualties couldn’t be made clear. Three ambulances came to the scene after the action and transported the casualties. In another action as part of the Martyr Reşit Serdar Initiative, guerrillas targeted the Eriş and Bilican guard posts at the border to Zap region of Medya Defense Zones between 07.30–09.30 on August 19. One emplacement in Bilican guard post was completely destroyed in the action which was conducted with mortars. Troops at both posts shelled the surrounding areas after the action. Guerrillas also targeted the Rubarok guard posts at the border to Avashin area and damaged the vehicles outside the main entrance gate at 12:00 on August 20.

A base station of two private GSM operators in Türkmen village of Ağrı’s Bazid (Doğubayazıt) district was completely destroyed by guerrillas at 19:45 on August 19. A short clash erupted between a group of guerrillas and a special operation team laying ambushes aroundn Şehidan hill in Ağrı’s Tendürek area between 18:00 and 19:00 on August 19. One soldier was killed in an assassination action by guerrillas who targeted the Dızê guard post in Hakkari at 21:45 on August 19. A base station of three private GSM operators was destroyed by guerrillas in Bêkendê village of Siirt’s Kurtalan district at 23:00 on August 19. Dersim-Erzincan and Dersim-Ovacık roads remain under the control of guerrillas since August 17. Besides ID checks, guerrillas are also informing the people about the process.”

Hizan Democratic People’s Assembly Co-chair Kader Sönmez was arrested during house raids on the 20th.The co-mayors of Hakkari Municipality Dilek Hatipoğlu and Nurullah Çiftçi were detained on the same day. HDP and DBP activists launched human shield actions in the Feraşin Highland area yesterday. The Turkish state rejected an application by fifteen bar associations for a meeting with Öcalan filed on the 13th. Police attacked a protest demo in Adana on the evening of the 19th.

DBP Batman branch executive Afif Filiz was detained in a house raid on the morning of the 20th. At least 16 people were detained in Alanya house raids on the morning of the 20th targeting people involved in defending the HDP offices in street clashes with fascists on the 19th. Mass demonstration for Kevser Eltürk in Şırnak with banner “Ekin Wan’s naked body is our honor” on the 20th.Two people killed by police in Mardin and Şırnak on the evening of the 19th. The apartment of journalist Gülşen İşeri was raided in Istanbul this morning. 15 residential addresses raided in Sarıyer district of Istanbul. 39 people detained in Mersin. Police attacked a KJA demo in Elazığ yesterday arresting at least ten people.

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