TKP/ML prisoners launch three day hunger strike against AKP massacres


The TKP/ML prisoners stated: “After the Suruc massacre, assaults which started with shelling of Kandil, continue with massacre of civilians, mass detentions and arrests in Zergele, Silopi and Ağrı. The bodies of YPG/YPJ guerrillas who fought against DAESH in Rojava are hold at the border and not delivered to their families, inhuman actions are carried out against guerrilla’s bodies as in the case of Ekin Wan, and the Kurdish people’s declarations of autonomy and self defense is responded to with the massacre of civilians”

Pointing to the importance of total resistance against the government’s total attacks the prisoners stated “In this manner we call all our people, revolutionaries and democratic people to move reflexively against these assaults, to use all methods of struggle, basically, to escalate the struggle simultaneously with the Kurdish people. Massacres go on, funerals are not allowed, it is unacceptable not to respond to these assaults with all our resources. In this consciousness all TKP/ML TİKKO prisoners are going on hunger strike for three days”

Via New Turkey (editing for clarity by Signalfire)

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