Armed struggle in Turkey/Kurdistan 19/8/2015


Police intervened in a protest demonstration in Esenler district of İstanbul against attacks in Muş (in eastern Turkey) and Diyarbakır (in southeastern Turkey) provinces. A 15-year-old protester Fırat Elma was shot and killed. According to the latest report from the Baran Tursun Foundation, the police have shot dead 201 people from 2007 to August 2015. An operation was launched this morning in Sur and Silvan. The Co-Mayors of Sur district and Democratic Regions Party (DBP) members Seyid Narin and Fatma Şık Barut and Co-Mayors of Silvan district Yüksek Bodakçı and Melikşah Teke were detained. Hürriyet said the reason behind the detentions was the declaration of self-governance while Dicle News Agency (DİHA) said at least five people along with four Co-Mayors were detained, the police used violence and held them at gun point.

The People’s Defense Centre (HSM) Headquarters Command has issued a written statement warning the AKP regime that continued escalation by the fascist state will result in the initiation of urban warfare operations:

“It is obvious that no one will be able to make amends for the probable heavy consequences of such a case. The Turkish army should therefore stop intervening the civilian-popular resistance of our people. It is not us but Erdoğan and and his followers that will be responsible for the consequences in the contrary case”

The HPG Press Office issued a statement yesterday itemizing operations in the course of which 19 soldiers and 13 special operations police were killed in the actions by guerrillas, and two armored vehicles were destroyed with soldiers inside them. Five guerrillas lost their lives in clashes and bombardments. Sabotage actions against electrical grid and telecommunications network continue.

Cobra helicopters have been shelling the Kolan region in Varto. Police blockade neighborhood, raid houses, detain ten people in Seyhan district of Adana. Turkish solders have gunned down a unarmed man on the border with Rojava; 21 year old Şîhan Oerek Hesen. A medical examination indicates he was tortured. Parts of Silvan have been demolished by indiscriminate military assault. The damage is now being reviewed by a delegation of DBP and HDP officials.


DBP (Party of Democratic Regions), HDP (Peoples’ Democratic Party), DTK (Democratic Society Congress), Bazid Democratic People’s Assembly, Doğubayazıt Municipality, TUHAYD-DER and Sema Yüce Women’s Counseling Center declared self-governance at a press conference they held in Yenimahalle district of Ağrı’s Doğubayazıt (Bazid) district yesterday. “It should be known that we cannot be at peace with such a state. In this regard, we announce hereby that we will not recognize the state institutions, without denying the state itself, and that we will be ruling ourselves from now on. It is not the governors and district head officials appointed by the state but those to be elected by our side that will form a basis for our ruling henceforward.”

The Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) Central Executive Board released a statement today calling for an end to the detention operations against elected local administrators. Calling attention to the oppression of civilians in Lice, Silvan, Varto, Silopi and Şemdinli going on for days now, HDP said the detention and arrest operation against the elected local administrators, which came after the devastation of houses and workplaces in Kurdish districts and villages, was unacceptable. The party called for the immediate release of the elected politicians. The Turkish army is bombing and burning villages in Hani district. The Syrian Assyrian Women’s Union (HNSS) has recently opened its first military training camps in Rojava.

The Gazi People’s Initiative has declared self-governance in Istanbul. Gülsen Biter, of the Istanbul coordinating body of the Congress of Free Women (KJA), spoke on behalf of the Gazi People’s Initiative. Gülsen declared that the people of Gazi would resist all police raids and operations in their neighborhood, and that they no longer recognized the institutions of the state.

The KJK has issued a statement calling for support for the Kurdish people’s legitimate demand for self-government. “It is necessary that there be support for our youth, our women and our people, who are trying to realize the principle of local government in spite of the illegitimate, dictatorial, gangster state,” wrote the KJK.

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