International Red Aid statement on support for the political prisoners in India

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The RHI leads, since a few months, an international campaign to demand the release of all the prisoners of the Communist Party of India (Maoist) and of all the fighters of the ongoing people’s war in a country oppressed by three enemies, imperialism, feudalism and the local bourgeoisie.

In its program, the CPI(Maoist) has made its the first priority of the struggle for the basic rights of the tribals and the victims of the capitalists and ultra-liberal policies of the Indians authorities, which are pushed in the back by the western imperialist countries. August, the 15th is the commemoration day of India’s ‘independence’. On that precise day, the RHI calls for an international mobilization day towards these prisoners, to demand their release, but also the respect of their basic human rights and a recognition of the status of political prisoners.

Besides the 60 member of the party behind bars for the moment, Modi’s government (BJP – nationalist hindu party) detains more than 10.000 people who are accused of having links with the Maoist guerrilla, or of « sedition » or « action against the State ». The policy of the Central government has strengthened the legal arsenal aiming at the repression of any popular movement and all forms of dissidence. This international day of solidarity is an opportunity to denounce all these policies and to demand the release of all the prisoners struggling for the people’s war in India.

Solidarity is our weapon!

Long live international solidarity

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