HPG: 15 August marked with effective actions by guerrillas


People’s Defence Forces (HPG) said in its daily statement that HPG and YJA STAR guerrillas welcomed the anniversary of the 15 August with effective actions. In the actions carried out by guerrilla units, 21 Turkish soldiers and 4 police officers were killed while 4 armoured vehicles and a helicopter of the Turkish military were damaged, reported the HPG.

HPG Press Office said in a statement that guerrilla forces effectively respond against the operations ordered by the Turkish President and the AKP government who have recently intensified the annihilation policies and accelerated the movement for occupation of Kurdistan. HPG said the Turkish government hides the real number of the casualties suffered by Turkish forces in the actions carried out by the guerrillas at the 31st anniversary of the 15 August Imitative and as a response to the ongoing attacks of the Turkish security forces.

At least 18 soldiers killed in Geliyê Doskê

HPG gave the following information regarding the actions carried out by HPG and YJA STAR guerrillas; Guerrilla forces carried out an extensive action against a convoy of 20 armoured vehicles on move from Yüksekova district of Hakkari to Geliyê Doskê area at 13:00 on August 14. Three soldiers were killed and 6 others were wounded in the sabotage action which was carried out when the convoy reached the Veregoz triangle. HPG said the action was carried out in the scope of the Martyr Reşit Serdar Operation and to mark the anniversary of 15 August.

The guerrillas then went on hitting the armoured vehicles effectively and completely destroying one targeted vehicle, while the Turkish military attempted at 17:00 to deploy forces in the area with Cobra type helicopters, which had to retreat after suffering damages by the effective hit of the guerrillas. In the meantime, around 30 soldiers were sent to the area by the Turkish military at 18:40. Encircling the soldiers here, guerrilla forces hit the group, leaving 15 of them dead and 10 others wounded.

The Turkish military launched a bombardment on the area with warplanes, howitzer and mortar fires at between 21:00 and 01:00 in order to remove the bodies of its soldiers from the area. The casualties of the Turkish army were then taken out of the area in many vehicles. Guerrilla forces simultaneously hit the hill on which the Remo military post is located in Geliyê Doskê. Wildfire erupted in the area as a result of the effective hit of the guerrillas who also targeted a Sikorsky type helicopter and forced to retreat after it was sent to the area to intervene. The fire in the military post continues. Guerrilla forces carried out an action against the Çete Hill military post located at the borderline of Zagros region at 18:00 on August 13, leaving 1 soldier dead and two others wounded.

Two armoured vehicles damaged in Yüksekova

Guerrillas carried out an action against two armoured vehicles in town centre of Yüksekova district of Hakkari at 23:00 on August 13. While the number of the casualties of Turkish forces could not be verified, the two vehicles were damaged.

Four police officers killed in Siirt

Guerrillas carried out an action against police houses in Taxa Çakmak neighbourhood of Siirt at 20:00 on 14 August, targeting 9 policemen, out of whom 4 were killed and the other 5 were wounded.

A Cobra type helicopter damaged in Kato Jirka

Two Cobra type helicopters used in the attack launched by Turkish forces on Kato Jirka area at between 11:00 -12:00 were effectively hit and damaged by guerrillas. Turkish troops attempted to control the entrances and exists from Beytüşşebab district of Şırnak on 13 August and placed surveillance cameras on the building of the police department. Guerrillas exploded and destroyed the column where the cameras were placed at 00:10. Police launched a bombardment in the area after the action of the guerrillas.

Guerrillas attempted another action against Kisir military post in Botan region at 08:15 on August 13. After a bomb laden vehicle to be used in the action was noticed by Turkish forces as it was about to be detonated, guerrillas delayed the action due to the presence of civilians in the area and detonated it only at 11:00. Village guards patrolling around the nearby villages retreated from the area after a while without any results. Guerrillas destroyed a base station of GSM operator Turkcell in Kevser village of Gevaş district of Van on August 14.

Guerrillas blockaded the road between Lice and Hani districts of Amed at between 09:00-12:00 on August 14. Guerrilla forces hit Malabadi military post in Farqin district of Amed with heavy weaponry at 07:45 on August 14. One specialist sergeant was wounded in the clash that broke out after the attack and lasted half an hour. Turkish troops launched an operation in the surrounding areas of the military post after the action of the guerrillas.

Two guerrillas lost their lives

HPG reported that a clash erupted between guerrillas and soldiers involved in operational activities on the Mavana road in Genç district of Bingöl at around 22:00 on August 13. Cobra type helicopters sent to the scene for intervention raked the area intensely. Two guerrillas lost their lives as a result of the clash that lasted till early morning and the fire opened from helicopters.

An armoured vehicle damaged in Bingöl

Guerrilla forces carried out an infiltration action against the Turkish troops that entered the village of Dügernan in Bingöl at 16:00 on August 14. One soldier was killed, 3 others were wounded and one armored vehicle was damaged in the action after which Turkish forces removed the casualties from the scene in ambulances and launched a bombardment on the area at 18:00.

After closing the Bingöl-Erzurum road at between 20:00-21.00, guerrillas hit a vehicle from which police officers attempted to fire bullets on them. Two police were wounded in the incident, while 9 armoured vehicles sent to intervene to the area were also hit and forced to retreat by the guerrillas. The casualties of Turkish forces in these hits could not be clarified, while the mentioned road remains under the control of guerrilla forces since 08:00 on August 15.

One soldier killed in Norşin

Guerrillas carried out an action on Hasanokê military post in Norşin district of Bitlis at 18:30 on August 12, leaving one soldier here dead. While guerrillas further hit some other soldiers inside the post, the number of the casualties of Turkish forces could not be clarified. Guerrillas have taken control of the road between Hizan and Tatvan districts of Bitlis. On another road closure action, two vehicles working for a military post were burnt down and destroyed.

Action in Tatvan with a vehicle laden with two tons of explosives

Guerrillas carried out an extensive sabotage action against Bilika military post in Tatvan district of Bitlis at 05:00 on August 15, detonating a vehicle laden with two tons of explosives at the entrance gate of the military post. The details of the action will be announced later. Guerrillas carried out a sabotage action against an armoured vehicle on Tatvan-Bitlis road at 23:40 on August 14, which left the vehicle damaged while the casualties of the Turkish military could not be clarified.

One other action by guerrillas targeted Special Operation Units positioned in the Uluyol military post in Bazid district of Ağrı at 22:30 on August 14. The results of the action couldn’t be made clear. One vehicle of the Turkish forces was destroyed during the road closure action by guerrillas between Ağrı and Bazid at between 20:30 – 21:30 on August 14. An infiltration action was carried out by guerrillas against Bespin military post in Silopi district of Şırnak at between 23:00 – 00:00 on August 14. As the action of the guerrillas was noticed by the Turkish troops there, clashes broke out in which HPG guerrilla Zınar Herekol (Mehmet Babat) was seriously wounded and lost his life later.

Via ANF News

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