Armed Struggle in Turkey/Kurdistan 13/8/2015


The KJA (Free Women’s Congress) issued a statement today calling for international human rights organizations, observers’ delegations and press to to investigate the massacres and human rights violations in Silopi and the rest of Kurdistan. HDP Ağrı parliamentarian Dirayet Taşdemir has denounced the police killing of two teenage bakery workers in Diyadin as a extra-judicial execution. A witness who observed police dressing the bodies of the victims in military uniforms has been detained along with three of his relatives. Also in Diyadin, another man was killed by police who then dragged his body behind their vehicle and dumped it in Murat neighborhood.

The People’s Defense Forces (HPG) Press Office reported yesterday that Turkish armed forces are continuing artillery bombardment of Medya Defence Zones as well as UAV flights. The HDP issued its report on the Zergelê massacre of eight civilians by the Turkish Air Force on August 1st yesterday: “Our committee is hereby filing a criminal complaint against those who have ordered and executed the attacks, were a part of the chain of command and deliberately misinformed the public opinion about the airstrikes”,

As of yesterday police snipers continue to terrorize Silopi. “Unidentified persons” stopped and burned two trucks in nearby Başverimli. Police special operations teams launched a military operation yesterday in three neighborhoods of Savur. Police raided ten houses in Şırnak yesterday seeking to arrest members of the municipal government and local BDP and DBP officials.

An HPG press office statement issued on the 11th itemized the following operations:

-multiple road closures in Hakkari.

-killing of six police special operations troops in Silopi.

-sabotage action damaging two Sikorsky helicopters in Beytüşşebap by YJA.

-three solders killed in attack on military facility in Şırnak.

-attack on convoy of dam workers in Kerboran.

-road closures and sabotage in Siirt.

-attack on military post in Erzurum.

-bomb attack on dam in Kulp.

-solder killed in Farqin.

-Two roads in Amed under guerrilla control for at least a day.

-action against police quarter, district governor’s office and gendarme tank battalion in Lice district.

-attack on mobile station of special operation police teams in Bitlis city center.

-guerrillas hold effective control of road between Dersim and Hozat for four day period ending on August 10th.

The HPG Press Office claimed responsibility for the suicide attack on Fatih Police Headquarter in İstanbul’s Sultanbeyli district on the 11th and noted: “”Following the action in Sultanbeyli-Istanbul, HPG Central Headquarters Command instructed all units affiliated to ‘Martyr Zîlan Battalion of the Immortal’ not to carry out self-sacrifice actions in response to the ongoing attacks on Kurdish people and movement and the aggravated isolation on the Kurdish leader. Actions aiming to harm the enemy should rather turn preferable. For this reason, plans of severe actions like the ones in Adana-Pozantı and İstanbul-Sultanbeyli should be delayed until a further order and different forms of action should be developed and practiced instead.”

The DBP Amed branch issued a press release on the 11th calling for massive mobilization against the war policy of the AKP regime.

KCK Executive Council Co-Presidency press release on the 12th expresses support to People’s Councils’ declaration of self-governance in Şırnak and declares: “The peoples of Kurdistan have no option but self-governance after the ruling political mentality’s manipulation of Leader Apo’s and the Kurdish Freedom Movement’s reasonable solution proposals, refusal of a democratic and political solution, and insistence on a monist pro-nation state understanding as opposed to respecting people’s desire for local democracy and the solution of Turkey’s problems through the country’s democratization.”

Police attacked journalists following guerrilla action in Nusaybin district on the 12th. Two were wounded.

Nine people were hospitalized by police assault on crowd at funeral for guerrilla fighter Barış Tekçe in Hakkari yesterday.


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