MLKP retaliation action against DAESH


SHINGAL – MLKP guerillas in Shingal, carried out a attack against DAESH in retaliation for the Suruc massacre. MLKP guerillas, carried out a raid at 18.00(UTC+3) on a point where gang members were situated. It is reported that guerrillas fell back with no loses while three gangsters were killed.

Following the raid, coalition air-craft bombed the area. One of the guerrillas Mahir Şengal made a statement about the action:

“We carried out a retaliation action for the massacre of 31 socialists in Suruc on the 20th of July. Three gangsters were killed during this action. Our stance against massacres will be like this action. DAESH and the Turkish state will not get away with this massacre. Against the slaughter which targets a united revolution, a united struggle; will rise and spread. From now on we will respond to massacres with retaliation against the Turkish state and DAESH, in Turkey, Bakur Kurdistan, Rojava and Shingal. The blood spilled will be paid back.”

via New Turkey

(translation edited for clarity by Signalfire)

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