Statement of MLSPB/ Revolution Front on Suruç Massacre


To the people of Turkey, Kurdistan and Middle East

After the Rubar Qamışlo offensive ended up in victory and the reunion of Cizîrê‎ and Kobanê Cantons, the reactionary gang of imperialism and Turkish State oligarchy; ISIS (DAİŞ) carried out a vicious attack against our comrades who took the road with the slogan “We saved Kobanê together! We will build together!” due to the initiative that was planned for the reconstruction of Kobanê on the third anniversary of Rojava Revolution which had been declared to the public days before. Consequently the attack left tens of revolutionary socialists martyred and injured.

The accessory and goon of imperialism and zionism; ISIS, tries to achieve victory and supremacy by adopting such dirty and barbaric methods to destroy the gains of Rojava Revolution and to slaughter and threaten the people of Turkey and Kurdistan in order to overcome its repeatedly defeats.

However, ISIS won’t be able to crush the victorious, warrior will of Middle East’s sister communities who are joined at the hip with Rojava Revolution; YPG/YPJ and Revolutionary Internationalist Warriors of people of Turkey will definitely take revenge for this vicious attack. We, MLSPB/ Revolution Front (Marxist Leninist Armed Propaganda Force) once again call our people up for fight and victory!


21/07/2015 MLSPB/ Revolution Front

Via Isyandan

(translation edited for clarity by Signalfire)

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