Armed Struggle in Turkey/Kurdistan Update-first week of August


..The guerrillas are continuing to carry out retaliation actions as the attacks of the Turkish army continue. The People’s Defense Forces (HPG) has said that at least 8 Turkish soldiers were killed and a Sikorsky-type helicopter was damaged in guerrilla actions. On the other hand, reconnaissance flights by unmanned military aerial vehicles have been carried out over the Qandil region of the Medya Defence Zones, the Şemzinan area of Hakkari, the Oremar area, the Gare area, the Metina area and the Zap region since August 1.

Turkish military jets have flown over the Avashin area and the Zap region and the rural areas of Iğdır in this period and bombings by the Turkish military have continued. Kurê Mizgeftê Hill, Çiyayê Gostê, Martyr Armanç Hill, Geniş Hill, Martyr Hozan Hill and the Kale Veragol areas, Martyr Rahime Hill, Martyr Bager Hill, Martyr Agit Hill, the Şukê and Martyr Gafur Hill areas, the Govendê area, the Martyr Ronahi area, Xeregol, Hakan Hill and the Şelale areas, Gundê Eriş and Dola Heştididu haveall been hit in recent days. This is not a complete list and we apologize for repitition. Turkish jets supported by drones bombaed the Canmeda, Şelale, Gundê Zerê, Gundê Erbiş and Xeregol areas on the border with the Zap region of the Medya Defence Zones yesterday.

HPG guerrillas attacked the police headquarters in Amed’s Bağlar district on July 31. The number of police officers killed or wounded during this attack is not yet known. Guerrillas carried out an assassination attack and killed one soldier at the Kısımlı guard post located in Van’s Başkale district today. Guerrillas also attacked the special operations police force in the police station in Amed’s Pasur district yesterday. Guerrillas hit the Mılıka guard post in Amed’s Pasur district and the soldiers guarding the dam in Amed’s Farqin district yesterday. They destroyed one container and one cabin near the dam, killing 4 soldiers who were inside the cabin.

Guerrillas blocked the road between the Genç and Selvê regions of Bingöl between on August 3, and informed civilians on the road about recent political events. HPG guerrillas also blocked the roads between Van’s Çaldıran district and Ağrı’s Bazid district on August 3, and destroyed a government vehicle there. Guerrillas are holding the road between Iğdır and Kağızman as well as the road between Dersim and Erzincan. Guerrillas attacked a watch post located in the military hospital in Bitlis’ Tatvan district at on August 2, and killed a specialist sergeant during this attack.

The Turkish army carried out an operation around the hospital after the HPG attack which ended without results. Guerrillas sabotaged an armored vehicle traveling on the road between Bitlis and Baykan on August 3, and heavily damaged the vehicle. Turkish soldiers, accompanied by drones, carried out an operation in the Kaniya Masiya and Kanê Gorkê regions of Muş’s Malazgirt district at on August 3, and arrested civilians there. The HPG reported that a Skorsky helicopter was used to attack guerrillas in an area between Van and Ağrı’s Bazid district on August 3.

The military retreated after the guerrillas’ responded with heavy weapons fire that damaged the helicopter. Guerrillas sabotaged the natural gas pipeline in the Sarıkamış district of Kars today and the bridge leading to the Bêzelê guard post in the Mehendê region of Hakkari’s Şemdinli district yesterday. The guerrillas destroyed one part of the pipeline as well as the bridge, and have had control of the road between Gevrê Civiyan and Bêzelê in Hakkari since August 3.

Via Turkey Harvest

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