International campaign to support people’s war: Austria

meeting in vienna

vienna 2

vienna in front of the indian embassy



Revolutionary Construction (Revolutionärer Aufbau/RA) is part of the International Committee to Support People’s War in India (ICSPWIndia), and so it took part at the international campaign and called other revolutionary forces in Austria to support the campaign and the people’s war in India. Because of our initiative actions for the campaign took place in different federal provinces in Austria. We made meetings to inform comrades and sympathizers about people’s war, the CPI (Maoist), the hindu-fascistic terror in India; to present the work of the ICSPWIndia; to propagate the importance of international solidarity and to go on with the unity of the maoist forces in Austria.

There was participation for this campaign in five federal provinces, which meant big success for the revolutionary movement in Austria. It also meant success for international solidarity, because new forces were united under the banner of the ICSPWIndia and got active for supporting. In Vienna a committee for solidarity was formed with Turkish comrades from ATIGF (Federation of Workers and Students from Turkey in Austria), ADHF (Federation for Democratic Rights in Austria) and comrades from RA (Revolutionary Construction). Critical we have to say, that this committee was formed very late, so that some actions took place short-dated. However the unity of these forces for supporting people’s war in India, is a positive and correct step forward.

The committee is going to work on, not only concerning India, with doing solidarity-work. One important input concerning this was made by comrades of ATIGF who call to unite especially the revolutionary forces closer to struggle against repression and to get more active in this point. For the next task, actions and campaigns to free the jailed comrades from ATIK (Confederation of Workers from Turkey in Europe) are planned. From Austria and all over the world in the last month the demands of revolutionaries and peoples become noisy:

Free Ajith!

Free all political prisoners in India!

Support peoples’s war!

Revolutionary Construction, 28.8.2015

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