Armed actions against rightwing newspaper and AKP district office


The armed wing of the MLKP published a announcement about actions carried out on the 19th and 20th of July. The MLKP – FESK made a statement concerning the bomb planted outside the STAR newspaper on July 19: “We have left a bomb outside a building where the STAR newspaper is edited. After they had insulted all women cursing a revolutionary woman and we left a flag bearing the emblem of MLKP-OKC and the slogan “You can not silence women. We will increase” written on it.

The Star Media spokesman who made demagogic statements some days later, must know that there will be other revolutionary actions of this kind in the future and they will not have the chance to be warned again. ” The MLKP-FESK announced that the bomb left in front of the office of the AKP Sancaktepe District of July 21 had been found before the explosion.

“Our flag had been left at the location of the act. Although the fascist police AKP has hidden this from the workers and laborers, they know who committed the act. Our action was carried out in Sancaktepe where our comrade Yasemin was martyred, and her flag will wave again in the future. ” The MLKP-FESK said they  “will be accountable” and stressed that “Surely, justice will be rendered to the proletariat and the oppressed.”

Via New Turkey

(translation edited for clarity by Signalfire)

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