Repression and violations of human rights continue in Turkey and North Kurdistan and the people continue to fight back

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The following unedited reports come by way of ANF news service and help us understand what is going on in Turkey and North Kurdistan today.

* More people have been taken into custody in countrywide police operations as AKP government continues its political attacks against Kurdish people and democratic circles across Turkey and North Kurdistan. 26 people have been detained in the ongoing house-raid operations in Amed, Siirt and Bursa.


Nine people were detained as police teams raided a number of houses in the very early morning hours in Çınar district of Amed. The detainees were taken to district police headquarters to give their statements.


Special operation police teams conducted raids in a number of houses in İnönü, Doğan, Barış, Kooperatif, Tınaztepe and Keşkol neighborhoods of Siirt early this morning. Party of Democratic Regions (DBP) provincial executive Selman Erdemci, Human Rights Association (İHD) member Mirza Ekin, education workers union (Eğitim Sen) member Mehmet Arger, a 15-year-old minor with mental disabilities and six other people were taken into custody in the operation. While the ten were taken to district police office, the child with mental disabilities was released after giving his statement at the Juvenile Department.


Seven people were detained in today’s operation in Bursa where police raided houses in the districts of Osmangazi and Yıldırım upon an instruction from Bursa Public Prosecutor’s Office. The detainees were taken to provincial police headquarters. Eight people in Bursa had been remanded in custody three days ago on charges of membership to a “terrorist” organization, including Ömer Gül, reporter for Dicle News Agency (DIHA) and member of the HDP Bursa organization’s Press Commission. A report prepared by Ömer Gül for Fırat News Agency (ANF) was taken as a criminal evidence.

* Families who are not being allowed to reclaim the bodies of their children who fell in the ranks of HPG (People’s Defense Forces) and YPG/YPJ (Rojava’s People’s/Women’s Defense Forces) are staging a sit-in at Habur border gate in Şırnak for three days now. Families have now come to the Başverimli town in Silopi district of Şırnak where a march will be held today to protest the denial of families to reclaim the bodies of their fallen children. Thousands of people from Şırnak and nearby provinces have also arrived the town to join the protest demo. The denial of permission for the delivery of the bodies of HPG and YPG/YPJ fighters to their families will also be protested in Hewlêr city of South Kurdistan.

Bodies of 13 Kurdish fighters are being held at Habur border gate for the past four days as the Turkish state keeps denying permission for their delivery into North Kurdistan, the Kurdish region in Turkey. A number of political parties and non-govermental organizations led by DBP (Party of Democratic Regions, formerly BDP) Hewlêr Office will also protest the attitude of the Turkish state in front of the Kurdistan regional parliament. Following a statement to the press here, the demonstrators will also go to Habur border gate.

HPG (People’s Defense Forces) Press Office reported that the Turkish army increasingly continued its bombardments against guerrilla areas with howitzer, mortar, tank and heavy weaponry. HPG provided the following information regarding the recent attacks of the Turkish military:

Troops at Garê outpost at the border to Xakurke area of Medya Defense Zones shelled the hill Kurê Mizgeftê between 19:00 – 20:00 on July 29.

Troops at Oremar outpost in Yüksekova district of Hakkari carried out a bombardment against the hills of Govendê, Şehit Gafur, Şukê and Martyr Arteş at the border to Avashin area of Medya Defense Zones between 19:00 – 23:00 on July 29.

A bombardment from Yekmal hill outpost targeted the Bektorya area at the border to Heftanin area of Medya Defense Zones, while another bombardment from Çete and Vacip hill outposts targeted the areas of Martyr Mervan and Derîyê Davetiya between 16:00 – 18:00 on July 29.

Troops at Bilican outpost at the border to Zap region of Medya Defense Zones stroke the Güvenlik hill, Hilelê village, Hakan hill, Martyr Munzur hill, Erbiş village, Martyr Colemerg hill, Garêya Piçuk and Garêya Mezin areas from 11:30 on July 29 to 05:00 on July 30.

Guerrillas responded to the attacks with heavy weapons. Turkish jets shelled the Martyr Colemerg area in Zap region at 05:00 on July 29.

An activity of Turkish warplanes took place over the Zap region and Metina area from the evening hours of July 29 to 04:00 on July 30. UAVs of the Turkish army also performed reconnaissance flights over Zap region from 20:00 on July 29 to 12:00 on July 30.


HPG continued by listing the following actions carried out by HPG guerrillas in response to the attacks of the Turkish army: Guerrillas conducted an action with mortar fire targeting the Oremar outpost and hill in Yüksekova district of Hakkari at 16:00 on July 29. The action in memory of Seyitxan Korkmaz and Beytullah Aydın left two soldiers wounded and two tanks damaged. Following the action, Turkish troops fired howitzers and mortars on Martyr Rahime area at the border with Avashin region of Medya Defense Zones at 19:00.

One other mortar attack by guerrillas targeted the Şkêr outpost at the border to Zap region of Medya Defense Zones on July 28. The casualties on the side of the Turkish army couldn’t be verified. On July 28, guerrillas conducted another action against some certain targets in Hakkari city center, including police lodges, while an assassination attack targeted an armored vehicle that came to the scene for intervention after the action, leaving the vehicle destroyed.

Two armored vehicles of the Turkish army were also hit and damaged in another guerrilla action in Beytüşşebap district of Şırnak at 05:30 on July 29. Turkish military launched an operation in a large area involving the villages of Golık and Hındırıs in the area of Mount Mazi in Derik district of Mardin at 06:00 on July 29. One other action by guerrillas targeted the main entrance of a barracks on Radar hill in Hatay province at 07:00 on July 30. While the casualties left by the action couldn’t be verified, the Turkish military started an operation in response, which is still going on. At 22:00 on July 29, guerrillas targeted the Melle Osman outpost in Karayazı district of Erzurum.


HPG and TİKKO (Liberation Army of the Worker’s and Peasant’s of Turkey–the armed wing of the Communist Party of Turkey/Marxist–Leninist) guerrillas continue performing checks on Dersim-Hozat road since July 29.

Guerrillas closed the Pervari-Şaxo road in Siirt on July 29, and burnt down a vehicle transporting supplies for the Turkish army.

Guerrillas also closed the Amed–Bingöl road between 16:00–17:00 on July 29, and the Farqin–Pasur road between 20:00–00:00.

The Muş–Pasur road is held by guerrillas for the past three days.

At 22:00 on July 28, guerrillas closed the roads in Seyrantepe neighborhood of Amed and performed id checks.

Guerrillas also closed the Tatvan, Hizan and Baykan roads in Bitlis between 18:30–21:00 on July 29, performing id checks and informing the people about the process.

Guerrillas also performed ID checks on Bingöl–Sancak road between 20:00–22:00 on July 29.

On the road between Lice and Pasur districts of Amed, guerrillas conducted an assassination action against an armored vehicle of the Turkish army at 19:00 on July 29. In another action against special operation police in Huzur Evleri neighborhood of Amed, guerrillas wounded a policeman at 21:00 on July 28.

One other assassination action by guerrillas targeted an armored vehicle of the Turkish army, and left it damaged on Palu–Karakoçan road in Elazığ at 13:00 on July 29. An operation launched by Turkish military following the action was retreated without any results at 20:00 the same day.


In the early morning hours of July 30, a Sikorsky type helicopter flying over the rural areas of Bingöl was hit by guerrillas with heavy weapons, which left it damaged. One soldier was wounded in an assassination action conducted by guerrillas who targeted an armored vehicle of the Turkish army on the road between Van and Tatvan district of Bitlis at 12:00 on July 29.

One other armed action by guerrillas targeted an armored vehicle belonging to Mardin’s Kızıltepe district police headquarters at 23:00 on July 29. While two persons were verified wounded in the action, the activity of the Turkish army in this area continues.

* Turkish jets have been performing interrupted flights over Kobanê town of West Kurdistan, Rojava, since earlier today.

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