National Dedication Day Observed-MCP Manipur


A great intensified movement was suddenly broken out by the disgruntled and piqued people of Manipur against the brutal killing of Thangjam Manorama Chanu after being arrested, snatched away, raped and murdered by occupied Indian Army. As a part of the movement five voluntary members of MAFYF decided firmly to burn themselves to death (immolation) for repealing the Armed Forces Special Powers Act, 1958. Today, the 24th July, 2015, Maoist Communist Party, Manipur (MCPM), as a tribute to them, has observed /celebrated the first “National Dedication Day” in the reminiscence of those five heroic stoics who led the then agitating mass of the movement even by determining themselves for immolation. Thangjam Chanu Manorama was arrested, snatched away, brutally raped and mercilessly murdered by the callous occupied Indian Army on the 11th July, 2004 defaming and demolishing the respect of feminism.

Just when this news was heard MAFYF announced /called for forty-eight hours (48 hrs) General Strike in whole Manipur and took initiative for people’s movement. Then all the sections of the people of Manipur joined the movement as a whole initiated by the movement of MAFYF and rapidly it turned to be people’s movement. Amidst the aggressive people’s movement the five volunteers of MAFYF were determined to immolate before the gate of the Office of the Chief Minister of Manipur , the puppet leader of the dummy Govt of Manipur as a part of protest to repeal the AFSPA 1958 on the 24th July, 2004. Those courageous five members were :

1. Vicky Yambem, Secretary Organization, Uripok.

2. Moirangthem Ranjan, Sagolband Meino Leirak the then secretary, MAFYF – Imphal West.

3. The then president MAFYF, Lilong Unit- Khaidem Sanjoy

4. The then leader MAFYF, khurai unit- Thangjam Ibotombi and

5. The then leader of Uripok unit – Lalit @Naoba Oinam.

MAFYF, founded for an urgently essentially Youth Movement in Manipur in 2001, was not an organization having such large number of members as compared to the present CSOs or any youth group /organization in Manipur. But those least number of members who worked collectively were so brave and courageous with much sacrificing spirit that made the front an uneven and dynamic Youth Front in Manipur in 2004. Now a lesson is to be learned from MAFYF at present is that if patriotic spirit and valour goes together, everything cannot be impossible.

As a newly created organization MAFYF had nothing that there were not much shortage and weakness. Some instances may be cited that, because of lack/shortage of money there was no room for setup an office, a site or a rented building in its initial functioning. Thus BT Park became a familiar office, gathering place and meeting place. People were hard to search and find its office. Thus time lapsed by unheeded in taking shelter under the mercy of other’s office in where members could be allowed to use it as a temporary office of MAFYF. Despite such obstacles and hardships MAFYF became one and only Youth Organization of sincere dedication and heroic strength achieved by persistent hardworking, consistency and indomitable spirit of the few members of the time. Even when a huge amount of money is loaded on the back as an Aladdin lamp, nothing is possible if there is no sincere service of dedication and vigorous spirit to work out.

And such, those people standing with a support of money can be considered or regarded or called as Right Opportunists. It is a great lesson from MAFYF :If patriotic spirit and valour for the cause of the society is there, everything can be possible and work out. Truly speaking, the Youth Front so called MAFYF will always remain as an unscathed immorality of dedication and sincerity with bravery in the history of Manipur. It is so because a Revolutionary Party entitled as Maoist Communist Party, Manipur could be founded on the foundation of this Democratic Organization called MAFYF, under the banner of Marxism – Leninism – Maoism for the people of Manipur in particular. It is a crystal clear exemplary of the sincerest dedication and utmost valour that the five voluntary members of MAFYF attempted to immolate with a slogan of repealing AFSPA, 1958,who had led the movement in advance.

Such touching and inspiring history of the truest dedication with daring courage of those members of MAFYF seems to be under the condition of in the core of forgetfulness of the people today. More than during the past ten years the entity of bravery and selfless sacrifice in its true sense seems to have been a folktale for timepass in waiting for meal by the hearth. To confine in a slumber of forgetfulness for such history of sincere services and utmost bravery that went ahead for the great cause of service to humanity is a big deal of loss for the society. To remind such many a story of bravery and dedication of such a many martyrs and stoics can build up a constructive society of eminence.

There may be some organizations or individuals who have endeavored or have been endeavouring to conceal the story of devoted service of MAFYF rendered to the society. Luckily for the society and unfortunately for them, Maoist Communist Party, Manipur will always remind such noble acts of faithful characters to the people forever without letting them forget. From this day onwards, every 24th July, on which the five noble characters set off the movement against AFSPA, 1958 by attempting immolation, will be observed as ” National Dedication Day” whenever and wherever our nation dwell it. Maoist Communist Party, Manipur is extending warm wishes to every individuals that the spring of revival of our lost pride and identity might be grown out of today’s first observation of National Dedication Day as a leading lit torch and grow up an outstanding society of a unique Nation of which is made a lost feature at present, looming in silhouette by colonial imperialist governance that has been dehumanizing and mystified our Nation.

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