Observe the 44th martyr day of comrade Charu Majumder


“To us there is no conflict between national interest and international interest. Because by nation we mean peasant-labor-working class, the revolution is in their interest.” – Charu Majumder


With this call Gonomuktir Ganer Dol has organized a discussion and mass cultural program on 28th of July 2015, 44th martyr day of the exponent of the revolutionary communist movement of south Asia, sculptor of the historical armed class struggle of Nakshalbari, comrade Charu Majumder in front of the National Museum Gate, Shahbag, Dhaka at 4.30 p.m.

Join in the effort to unmask the fundamentalist-racist politics, aggressive nationalism of this fascist, reactionary state system and work on the line of class-struggle to accelerate the new democratic revolution in this state and stick to the internationalist duty to be in solidarity and to support any revolutionary movement of any nation or state that serves the interest of the peasants-labor-working class to uproot the imperialist war-addicts.

Red Salute

Farhana Haq Shaama

General Secretary

Gonomuktir Ganer Dol

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