CPN M men smear soot on face of graft-accused


CHITWAN, JUL 27 – Cadres of the Netra Bikram Chand-led CPN Maoist on Sunday smeared soot on the face of Bharatpur Sub-metropolis Executive Officer Narayan Prasad Sapkota accusing him of being involved in corruption. The party’s district in-charge Mahesh Tharu said they took action against Sapkota as the authorities concerned did not punish the officer though he embezzled a large sum of money while purchasing land and vehicle. The party cadres have also warned of further physical action against the executive officer.

Meanwhile, several party leaders in the district claimed that Sapkota did not make public financial activities of the sub-metropolis while purchasing land for planting trees. Some local leaders had publicly criticised him in the past as well, especially after he purchased a vehicle for Rs 10.65 million. Likewise, Chief District Officer Binod Prakash Singh said quoting Sapkota that a group tried to torch his vehicle. “I inquired him after seeing some photos in social networking sites but he said that nothing had happened,” Singh said, adding that he also advised Sapkota to file a case against the group.


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