Message from the PCm Italy on MFPR anniversary


We hail with joy the celebration for the 20 anniversary of MFPR. They have been 20 years of victories won at top and bottom, in the sphere of ideas, ideological struggle, theory and the field of struggle, of vanguard initiatives. Other forces of women were born inspired by the line of MFPR and this line has had an impact in the transformation of the communist movement, of communist organizations. The MFPR is the vehicle of the experience of women in people’s wars. The principle that there it can be no proletarian revolution, no revolutionary party, even no class union, no anti-imperialist anti-racist anti-fascist movement without the building and advances of “the revolution within the revolution” represented by the role of women as protagonists was since the beginning at the heart of our organization.

It has been proved that the theory that gave birth to MFPR is a contribution to Marxism- Leninism-Maoism. The MFPR has showed that women can be and are a “plus”, both in the field of ideas, the struggle against the bourgeois ideology in all its aspects, and in the transformation of the movement of struggle. In this the main flag was the strike of women, which highlights the general and mass role of women, when they address and tackle the work and living conditions as well as the ideological oppression as a whole.

The MFPR plays a vanguard role in the struggles of proletarian women against the masters, governments, State, Church, parliamentary parties, official unions; fighting against both the petty bourgeois feminism and the underestimation of the role of women in the revolutionary organizations, in the base unions and mass organizations. This battle is central and decisive role of the proletarian women, who since the beginning and consistently has been the main front of organization and struggle of MFPR. By organizing themselves and struggling, proletarian women transform their way of thinking and acting and move ahead to take on a leading role in all spheres, in the women’s movement, the unions movement, the social movements and, most importantly, in the battle for the revolutionary transformation of our country, starting from taking in their hands the construction of the revolutionary party.

The MFPR is a fruit of the construction of the communist party of a new type, it is the light that illuminates the path of the Communist Party of a new type, where women are half the sky but also the frontline, within the party itself, against sexist, backward, understandings, methods and style of work, for the revolutionary proletarian world view. It is a difficult, against the current struggle. The road is tortuous but the path is bright! And the 20 years of MFPR prove it definitely!





A second “women’s “strike” centered on the factory workers, along with the most exploited, precarious, women working in the service industry, the countryside, immigrants, etc., and with the workers in the education and the other workers already in struggle. May the spark of November 2013 start to ignite the prairie! In order to prepare for this new “Women’s Strike” new publication, will as a new edition of Scatenate, will be issued, so to give an updated analyisis of the condition of the proletarian women and their struggles.

An International Meeting of the communist revolutionary Women, to be held on December 2015, with the participartion of comtrades from Turkey, Austria, Galicia, France, and invitation sent to comtrades in Germany, Brazil, Canada, India, etc. The aim is to strengthen the liaison between the revolutionary communist women’s organizations, to develop orientation and actions beyond the respective countries, addressing the development / recovery of the struggle movements of women in both in the imperialist and oppressed countries.

Furthermore, the seminar decided to continue the celebrations of the 20th anniversary of MFPR throughout the 2015, bringing in other cities the trajectory and content of the MFPR seminar. Mettings and other initiatives will take place in Taranto, Milan, Bologna, Naples, Rome, L’Aquila, and wherever possible. In these celebrations we will present:

– The new Album “A step ahead…”;

– The records of the seminar in Palermo;

– A new video on the path / struggle of MFPR. We are also working on new pamphlet and publications

– in particular a historical essay on “Women in the Resistance” and a catalog of the most important brochures produced in these 20 years is forthcoming.

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