The assembly has stated that the long and complex history of the revolutionary women fighters of the 70’s is internal and linked with a “red thread” to the difficult but exciting fighting path of women, and so it’s part of the battle of MFPR to overthrow this bourgeois social system, which reserves to women double exploitation and double oppression; It has reminded with emotion and anger in particular Mara Cagol, the first women comrade fighter; the day before, 5 June, it was the 40th anniversary of her vile murder by the State; It has stated that these our companions, apart from political settings, choices, concepts, different strategies and which at the end demonstrated all losing positions because not based on the mobilization of the masses in the war of the people against this capitalist system, have had the merit to reaffirm, after the years of the Resistance, against a vision of women as “peaceful and non-violent”, the necessity of the revolutionary struggle in which women are in the front row, to put an end to the only real violence, the reactionary, fascist and chauvinistic bourgeois state.

The assembly at the same time said strongly that we just don’t want to remind these women fighters as dead comrades, instead we want to fight for the defense of those who are alive and strongly repressed by the state. About this, the Assembly expressed its solidarity and its commitment to defend the living conditions and the release of women political prisoner Nadia Lioce, the only woman currently locked up in jail and subjected, in the prison of L’Aquila, to a tough regime of 41bis, in a state of total and permanent isolation, condemned to silence in a cell two meters square, placed at the end of a long underground tunnel which overlooks on nothing, to whom is granted only one free time often alone in a tub of cement large three meters by three meters where you never see the sun, and whom are denied the right to read, if not what decided by the prison director.

The fury of the State against Nadia Lioce cannot and must not remain silent because, apart from the judgment on the struggling choices and politics she made and pursued, this repressive fury is aimed at trying to kill her will of no surrender, her consistency in the battle against this State. A State which uses different criteria of judgement: it attacks political prisoners, reserving them a “white torture”, instead on the other side it releases, as happened in late May, a major exponent of mafia because “incompatible” with any type of place of detention. The bourgeois state wants women subordinated and oppressed, and if they rebel and struggle, wants them repented or dissociated. Those, which doesn’t fit will be doubly repressed. For this, we women, comrades in struggle to break the double chains of this system, we want to shout, from this seminar, our solidarity for Nadia Lioce and mobilize to end her current detention.

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