Nepal Maoist Clippings 24/7/2015


200 Maoists arrested in protest against new Nepal Constitution

Nearly 200 hardline Maoists were arrested in Nepal on Friday in a nationwide strike against the drafting of a new Constitution and a deal between India and China to boost border trade through Lipu-Lekh Pass. They had torched vehicles and forced schools and shops to shut down. Public vehicles remained off the roads while major markets and educational institutions were forced to shut down in Kathmandu and other major cities in the strike called by hardline CPN-Maoist (Chand), led by Netra Bikram Chand. Hundreds of security personnel were deployed in Kathmandu and surrounding areas to prevent violence during the protest, the first national strike since a devastating quake hit the country in April.

Police have rounded up 190 agitating Maoist activists from Kathmandu and other surrounding areas for blocking roads and resorting to vandalism, police said. The agitating activists torched several vehicles during the protest, police said, adding that no casualties had been reported so far.


Chand Maoist torch truck, motorcycle in Dhading

DHADING, JUL 24 – Banda enforcers of the Netra Bikram Chand-led CPN Maoist have torched a mini truck and motorcycle in Dhading district on Friday. The CPN Maoist cadres torched a truck, Na 4 Kha 3622, en route to SIraha from Kathmandu, for defying the party called the strike at Chalise Bridge, Bhumesthan along the Prithivi Highway. Likewise, a motorcycle , Ba 1 Pa 1845, belonging to one Subba Lama was torched at a forest in Nalang along the Malekhu-Dhadingbesi road section.

The police have arrested a CPN Maoist cadre Prem Thapa for his alleged involvement in the arson. Meanwhile, seven tourist bus en route to Pokhara have been stranded at Khani Khola along the Dhading section of Prithivi Highway. In district headquarters, only vegetable shops, grocery shops and dispensaries are open. The schools in the district headquarters have remained closed after the CPN Maoist cadres, yesterday, telephoned the schools for their closure.

“The draft is against the people and the spirit and hopes of the people’s war,” their spokesman Khadga Bahadur Bishwokarma told AFP, referring to the conflict. “The constitution does not address the problems of the ethnic, racial and gender discrimination that we fought against.”

Ramechhap partly affected by CPN Maoist strike

RAMECHHAP, JUL 24 – The CPN Maoist called strike had minimal effect in Ramechhap district as vehicles plied the roads at the district headquarters, Manthali, from early in morning. But the banda enforcers have barred the operation of long distance public transportation services and educational institutions. The market in Manthali is partially open along with tea shops, hotels and grocery stores. A huge number of security personnel have been deployed so as to avert any untoward situation. Meanwhile, other market places in the district have remained open with no effect of the general strike. Market places in Sanghutar, Thosey, Bamti, Dhobi, Galwa, Doramba, Sitkha among others are conducting their daily routine without any obstruction.

Normal life in Palpa hit hard due to banda

PALPA, JUL 24 – Normal life in Palpa district has been affected by the banda called by Netra Bikram Chand-led CPn Maoist on Friday. Due to the strike, shops, schools and colleges have remained closed. Likewise, vehicles plying along the Siddhartha Highway, Tansen-Gulmi road, Arghakhanci, Pokhara, Rupandehi have been brought to a complete halt. However, ambulances, dairy vehicles, Human Rights official’s vehicles and vehicles belonging to media running operating in the area. Likewise, due to the strike, both short- and long-distance public transportation services were unable to provide services. Earlier, yesterday evening, police had arrested leaders and cadres of Palpa CPN Maoist during a torch rally.

Student union padlocks four community schools

SALYAN, JUL 24 – A student wing close to the Netra Bikram Chand-led CPN Maoist has padlocked four community schools for an indefinite period in the district. The All Nepal National Independent Students Union (Revolutionary) affiliated to Chand faction said that it padlocked the schools for they charged exorbitant fees and did not provide scholarships to students. The student union padlocked Bal Kalyan Higher Secondary School in Kotbara, Tribhuwan Janata Higher Secondary School in Khalanga, Shivajan Higher Secondary School in Sitalpati and Bame-based Mukti Secondary School. Chetan Giri, a district leader of the student organisation, said they padlocked the educational institutions as they defied an agreement reached with the District Education Office.

“We will padlock other schools as well if our demands are not addressed immediately,” Giri said. He added that the schools charged high amount of money as fees despite the government’s policy to provide free education up to the secondary level.

General strikes affects normal life badly

KATHMANDU, NEPAL–, JUL 24 : Normal life in and around the Kathmandu valley including other parts of the country affects normal life on Friday due to the general strike called by the Lokendra Ckanda led CPN Maoist. incidents related to the attacks and vandalism occurred in different parts of the country. The Banda enforcers obstructed the vehicular movements from the early morning.

Considering the untoward incidents security have been mobilized heavily in Kathmandu. Police have arrested about six dozen cadres from Kathmandu valley alone. Likewise, there are also reports that many incidents related to the vandalism occurred in other parts of the country. The Chanda led Maoist has said that hundreds of its cadres have been arrested even from outside of the Kathmandu valley.

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