Protest, armed action in Istanbul against Suruc massacre











Dear comrades,
Today in the northern kurdish City Suruc has taken place a massacre against members of the Federation of Socialist Youth Associations (SGDF) this morning.
An bomb explosion has killed a lot of young people and wounded many more. Around 300 young people were on the way to Kobanê to stay there for one week and to help to rebuilt the city.
We call you to organize international campaigns as a sign of solidarity and to protest against the massacre and the bloody policy of the AKP-dictatorship and the fascist ISIS Gangs on July 21 and 22.

With revolutionary greetings



International Bureau

The KCK (Kurdistan Communities Union) Executive Council Co-Presidency also issued a statement on the massacre in Suruç and argued in their statement that Turkey’s AKP government created ISIS in Syria and Turkey and that they will account for the massacre. The KCK called on all democracy and freedom forces to stand against dirty AKP policies.

The KCK commemorated the martyrs who fell in the Suruç massacre and promised to honor their memories and said that it is no longer possible to distinguish ISIS members from Turkish intelligence agents and that the AKP’s enmity towards Kurds brought ISIS to Turkey.

The KCK stated that the AKP government supports ISIS in order to use it as an instrument of its policies in the Middle East and aims to liquidate Rojava’s revolution. As a result of this policy, ISIS and gangs from all over the world have used the border between Turkey and Syria for logistical and mobilization purposes. The KCK said that the biggest supporter of ISIS fascism in the Middle East is the AKP government and charged that the attack in Suruç was carried out with the knowledge of Turkish Intelligence Agency (MIT) in order to target Rojava’s Revolution and intimidate people who show solidarity with the revolution.

The KCK statement said that the attack in Suruç explained why the AKP has been calling on the guerrillas to abandon their arms, and said that it showed that the AKP was aiming to release its “hounds” upon Turkey and Kurdistan in order to establish its authoritarian and fascist perspective in the region. The KCK statement noted that the Turkish state was aiming to massacre Kurds through an alliance it made with the enemies of the Kurdish people. The KCK emphasized that the AKP wages a proxy-war through the fascist gangs and stated that the attacks before and after the June 7 elections were a clear indication of the war the AKP is waging against the Kurdish people, the Freedom Movement and Kurds’ allies. The statement emphasized the role of the Turkish state and MIT in the planning of this attack and said that the AKP has to account for these attacks.











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