About the results of the recent referendum

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CPG (m-l) Press Release

About the results of the recent referendum

The Referendum is over, the imperialist blackmails and the assault on the people continue!

The negotiations become “national campaign” for a new agreement with EU – IMF – US

The only response must be mass struggle against the dangers facing the people

1. The 5th of July referendum brought an overwhelming result of 61,3% in favor of “NO” all over Greece. This referendum was the culmination of the dead-ends, the self-illusions, the adventurism and the erratic policy of the SYRIZA – ANEL government. This referendum was an attempt of the government to exploit the popular aversion against the imperialist hyenas and use it as a card towards a negotiation which will bring submission and new painful antipopular measures. Certainly the results show a government success. Nevertheless it is a temporary success that it already shows its limitations and soon will be annulled under the imperialist assault on the one hand and the popular discontent for the coming new memorandums and measures.

2. We cannot and do not want to pass by the positive elements of the result. This result shows that parties and systemic forces that were on the forefront of the assault against the people were condemned. It was also a measure of the popular rage against imperialist blackmails. It shows also the popular resistance against the blackmails of the imperialists and the local plutocracy.

But we do not share neither the genuine nor the fake enthusiasm that see in this result the “end of austerity”, or as something that will sober up the imperialists and make them reconsider. Imperialist plundering and capitalist barbarity have their own logic and this will be clear very soon in higher tones and more violently because the imperialists obey their own interests and only those. We also do not share the opinions of those who want to translate this NO into a generalized “NO to the EU and the Euro”.

In the referendum the NO block was politically formed and defined as the “new” against the old political establishment having as its goal a new agreement and not as a block against the imperialist demands. Nevertheless this block had in its ranks a considerable portion that rallied behind the opposition to any new agreement to old and new austerity plans of the EU, the IMF and the local bourgeoisie. Up until now this opposition has not managed to express itself in a concrete movement because of the unfavorable correlations and the conciliatory stance of forces that present themselves as Left when in fact they follow the government policies.

3. The mass popular condemnation of the old political personnel was the main factor of the defeat of the YES block, a block that could not even manage to have a credible leadership. For the political system as a whole the parameters are the same as they have been formed with the January elections and are open to reformation according to the demands of the imperialist interests. The change of leadership in the New Democracy party serves these same interests.

4. We salute the greater number of people who absented (170.000 more than January). A big portion of those as well as those that chose to cast a white or invalid vote (200.000 more than the January elections) are people who feel the need to take part in struggles where the people themselves will choose their YESes and NOs. They are those that do not want to cede their right for a NO to imperialism to a government that neither wants nor can honor the given NO; to a government that has already rushed to build a “national salvation” pact with the forces of YES and adapt to the imperialist demands.

5. The situation demands genuine popular responses. The CPG (m-l) pledges to boldly participate in the formation of these responses. We must form resistances and take part in struggles for the defense of popular rights that are in grave danger. We must organize massively against the new round of reactionary assault which tends to adopt the character of a “national campaign” and having as its emblem the slogan “we belong to the West”.

We call the people to give all their strength on the path for the formation of a Resistance Front.





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