PCm Italy about Greece crisis and referendum-unofficial traslation


PCm Italy stands in solidarity with the proletarians and the masses in Greece who fight against the dictates of the institutions of the imperialist countries of Europe. This attack must be responded with the general struggle and the general uprising, resisting whatever it costs any agreement between the Syriza government’s and the “Troika” that brings a worsening of living and working condition of masses in Greece. The Syriza’s move to go to a referendum is a short-sighted tactical maneuver with no perspective .

If the “NO” wins, as we obviously wish, the situation will not change at all, the blackmails of Troika will only continue and intensify. If the blackmail backed by all the imperialist governments in Europe – Renzi first – prevails and the “YES” wins, it will be a “live” suicidal and will open the road to the government downfall and a new government in the hands of the Troika and Greek bourgeoisie. But, above all, it will allow Syriza to unload on the masses the responsibility for its failure.

Therefore, PCm Italy, while participates in all initiatives of solidarity, does not join to campaign for “NO” and supports the communist and revolutionary forces in Greece which do not align with the electoral, parliamentary and governmental moves of SYRIZA.

PCm Italy

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