Şehid Mâ Biymût!




MLKP warrior Halil Aksakal (Mazlum Aktaş) who was martyred in the fight for the liberation of Tel Abyab was buried in his hometown of Hatay with thousands in attendence.

HATAY (27.06.2015) – MLKP fighter Halil Aksakal who was born in Hatay and was martyred in Tel Abyad was sent to eternity in his home town. The corpse was welcomed on Serinyol street at 11 o’clock and was brought to Harbiye in a convoy including HDP co-chairman Figen Yuksekdag, HDP Adana Deputy Meral Danis Bektas and ESP chairman Sultan Ulusoy.

The masses gathered in Harbiye Ali Ismail Korkmaz Boulevard and welcomed Halil Aksakal wih slogans, ululation and applause. Thousands attended the funeral The march started in Ali ismail boulevard.The corpse was firstl brought to Halil Aksakal’s home and then to the Kariyer cemetery with those slogans “Şehid Mâ Biymût”, “Şehid Namırın”, “Comrade Halil is immortal”, “Long live revolutionary solidarity”, “Long live Kobane resistance”, “Long live comrade Halil, long live the communist struggle”.

After standing in silence for a minute in the cemetery, HDP co-chairman Figen Yuksekdag made a speech and said that “we should give support to the war against the barbarians in Middle East. Humanity will pay them back for the massacre yesterday. Comrade Halil will live not only in our memory but also in our struggle. Now the real mission is ours. We will raise his flag and fight.” Many attended the funeral including the Gezi martyrs families, the family of Rojava martyr Bedrettin Akdeniz, the family of Ali Aktas and many revolutionary, democratic and patriotic groups including DHF.

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