CPG (m-l) Press release-28/6/2015


For the overthrow of imperialist dependence and capitalist domination!

We do not legalize the dead-ends of government policies!

We do not legalize the imperialist blackmails!


People speak through their struggles!

For the overthrow of the anti-people policy of government – EU – IMF!

For the overthrow of imperialist dependence and capitalist domination! 

The SYRIZA-ANEL government starting from its pre-election position of “we belong to the West” asked the people for five months now to await for “hope” and “a way out” of the social and labor middle ages through negotiations. Negotiations with the US and EU imperialists, all those that had formed the conditions and the context of the plundering of the country and its people. The government has recognized all these robbers and killers of people as “allies, “partners” and “guarantors” of democracy and progress for our people and country.

During this process the governmental aims evolved quickly into a submissive line: From the Thessaloniki relief program and the pro-people measures they moved quickly towards “a mutually beneficial agreement”, an “honorable compromise”, then an “painful compromise” ending in a government Memorandum of 47 pages in which new antipopular measures were constantly added by by the PM himself as with the pension system.

At the same time the government not only responded positively at the commitments of previous governments towards their US-NATO “partners” but they also sought and moved in the direction of upgrade and entanglement of the country in the imperialist and warmongering plans of the US in the region.

Under the wight of the dead-ends of this policy, knowing that they will have the people against them and the imperialist questions about the government’s effectiveness to assault the people, they resort to a referendum, in order to burden the people with their own stalemates. They try to preserve the image of a so-called “left” government which “saves” the people but they in fact preserve the barbarity and initiate new attacks and open the road for the strengthening of the traditional systemic forces. In order to legalize the new reactionary agreement – even though they propose a referendum “against the institutions proposals” – the negotiations continue until next Tuesday June 30!

Although the negotiation process was a stalemate and under the imperialist yoke the referendum proposal was also useful for all those forces and their parties. Inside and outside the country different forces are acting towards more reactionary developments. They want to take advantage of the disarmament of the people that was imposed by the SYRIZA-ANEL government, to increase the fear and to show that the only “salvation” is the imposition of new imperialist ties together with the fascistization of everyday life.

The CPG (m-l) calls to the people to turn their backs to the government blackmail. The alignment with the government of SYRIZA-ANEL in the referendum is not a defensive or resistance line for the people. At “best” it will only approve the governmental Memorandum that is the approval of the continuation of the assault. And with this it will bring the strengthening of the reactionary forces that want to promote this assault.

The CPG (m-l) calls to the people to reject the disillusionment and not approve the government stalemates. These are stalemates of a policy that wants to appear pro-people when in fact their foremost concern is to pledge their allegiance to the imperialist formations and serve the regime of dependence. The CPG (m-l) calls for ABSTENTION FROM THE REFERENDUM THAT LEGALIZES THE ASSAULT AND DEPENDENCE.

The defense of popular and workers rights, the overthrow of imperialist-capitalist barbarity, the cause of independence and the promotion of the people to the leadership of its country cannot be left in the hands of a government that uses “clever”-adventurous management that is baptized as “rupture” when the people stand aside. And all the more when in the false “No” block are crammed together leftists, “leftists”, far right nationalists and even Golden Dawn Neonazis.

Of course we are also against the black block of “yes”, that is those that had willingly served the barbaric policies of the past years, and had drowned the people into poverty, unemployment and despair. It is outrageous to see again these invertebrates who rally against the people due to the tragic dead-ends of the SYRIZA policies that have neutralized and disarmed the popular movement.

The following days will be very critical for the people. The people will be under great pressure from both sides.

If we finally go to a referendum the people will be bombarded with false preachings of “national pride” from those that until now had said that the imperialists are our “allies”. The people will bombarded with false preachings of “breakup” by all those that they want to use the outcome of the referendum as a bargain towards a new memorandum.

Of course the imperialist block and the local reactionary regime will not stand with their hands crossed. They will bombard the people with their own terror dilemmas, they will speculate on the people’s fears and anxieties. They will exploit the country’s dependence and the economic strangulation that they can impose. They will use every mechanism that they control.

That is why the people must be ready. The people must respond resolutely and with militant spirit. They must fight against the imperialists and their mechanisms as well as the government that has taken up the role of their local managers.

In this way only the people can show its strength. To the streets! In mass! Fighting! Not through a false referendum but against all those that remember and use the people in order to extract themselves from their own dead-ends. The people must open their own road for the overthrow of imperialist yoke and capitalist domination.

Sunday 28 June 2015

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