Silva and companions should be freed, not transferred to jails that are worse


We have just received reports from lawyers belonging to the National Union of People’s Lawyers that PNP Superintendent Danilo Macerin, chief of the CIDG-NCR, has filed a request for the transfer of political detainee Adelberto Silva to the Special Intensive Case Area of Camp Bagong Diwa in Taguig City in Metro Manila. Macerin also wants Silva’s wife Sharon Cabusao and Silva’s companion Isidro de Lima be transferred to Bacoor City Jail in Cavite province.

The three are presently detained at very small cells inside the CIDG premises. We have been informed that Macerin’s position stems from PNP Custodial Service Unit chief Superintendent Arnel Apud’s stand that he does not want the three to be detained at the PNP Custodial Center.

We condemn and reject this attempt to transfer the three political detainees to prisons where conditions are more dire and repressive. The three should in fact be freed immediately based on humanitarian grounds, as all of them have serious diseases which are being worsened by conditions behind bars. Silva has undergone angioplasty, Cabusao is suffering from a rare blood disease, and De Lima in his advanced age is suffering from high blood pressure.

We condemn and reject this attempt to have them occupy separate jails that are distant from each other. Married couples were not separated from each other even during Martial Law, when jails were overcrowded. These actions could only be described as persecutory towards political detainees and revolutionaries. We totally reject this kind of treatment for Silva, Cabusao, de Lima and all political detainees. In our view, the least that the PNP could do is transfer Silva, Cabusao and de Lima to the PNP Custodial Center where other political detainees are kept at present.


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