Mazlum Aktaş is immortal!



We friends and comrades of Mazlum Aktaş (Halil Aksakal) are in misery about the death of our beloved comrade, who became martyr on the 18th of june 2015 in a village between kobane kanton and rakka. The death of Mazlum Aktaş, who was a militant of mlcp and a founding member of the international freedom battalion is a big loss for us and it is hard for us to take. With his experience and professionalism, his love to the people and the revolution, his comradery and kindness he is role model for us and a symbol for the ideas and values we are fighting for.

Mazlum Aktaş became immortal, because there are comrades and thousand of people, who will not forget him and who will continue the struggle for his dream of a free and socialist middle east and communist world revolution. As a Arab, who died in rojava revolution on Arab soil in the war against IS, his death will effect the brotherhood of Arab and Kurd people in this region, like he effected in his daily practice. We will take the responsibility to continue and to protect the revolution he lived and died for. This is our oath to his family,friends, comrades and the people of rojava.

Via International freedom battalion


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