UPOTUDAK : Stop isolation torture of revolutionary prisoners


REDACTION: UPOTUDAK has published a statement about the revolutionaries who were arrested in the operations against the Confederation of Workers from Turkey in Europe (ATIK) and New Woman (Yeni Kadin). Upudotak made a call to demonstrate in front of the prisons,send letters and expend the petition campaign.  International Political Prisoners Solidarity committee (UPOTUDAK) published a statement on the revolutionaries who were arrested in the operation against ATIK and Yeni Kadin which started with the German state and was extended to Switzerland , France and Greece. UPOTUDAK called for support to prisoners in isolation and asserted that the revolutionary struggle of ATIK members is just and legal.

“It is hypocrisy …”

UPOTUDAK stressed that calling ATIK’s activity ‘terrorism’ is not acceptable and drew attention to the isolation of prisoners observing: “The German government alleges itself an apostle for human rights and democracy but at the same time arrests our comrades, banning communication and visits, exercise, newspapers and books. These isolation conditions are nothing but hypocrisy.”

“The German state is supporting the Turkish Republic’s suppression of rebellion”

UPOTUDAK evaluated the treatment of the prisoners since 15th April as torture and said voices must be raised to remove isolation against the ten revolutionary prisoners and to struggle to put an end to this practice in prisons. UPOTUDAK noted that the prisoners have serious health problems as they were imprisoned by the Turkish Government. And the committee said that the German state detaining prisoners not for their political activities in Germany but on behalf of the Turkish state and MIT’s bogus intelligence is a major favor of the German state to the fascist Turkish government in its struggle to suppress resistance.

“We will not leave them alone“

UPOTUDAK said : “we should always be active to fulfill our mission and to express solidarity with prisoners. Let’s create mass public opinion by using our legal, democratic rights and turn the front of the prisons into places of protest, send letters to them, and expand the petition campaign.” UPOTUDAK gave the addresses of prisoners to write to, saying “we will not leave them alone”

Müslüm Elma JVA Kempten Reinhartser Straße 11 87437 Kempten (Allgäu)

Seyit Ali Uğur JVA Augsburg Karmelitengasse 12 86152 Augsburg

Musa Demir JVA Landshut Berggrub 55 84036 Landshut

Erhan Aktürk JVA Nürnberg Mannertstraße 6 90429 Nürnberg

Sinan Aydın JVA Kaisheim Abteistraße 10 86687 Kaisheim

Banu Büyükavcı JVA München Frauenanstalt Schwarzenbergstraße 14 81549 München

Haydar Bern JVA München Männeranstalt Stadelheimer Str. 12 81549 München

Mehmet Yeşilçalı Planche Inferieure 12 1700 Fribourg /Schweiz

Sami Solmaz Maison d’arret de chalon Monsieur Solmaz Sami 1 ruelle Saint-Jacques 51000 Reims/France


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