International Freedom Battalion: women of the world, defend the Rojava revolution–a report from JINHA






Rojda Serhat/JINHA SERÊKANIYÊ – The International Freedom Battalion, a new brigade of international revolutionaries fighting to defend Rojava’s revolution, has called on women of the world to join their ranks. This week, international revolutionary fighters who have gone to Rojava to defend the revolution there announced the formation of the International Freedom Battalion. The brigade had its opening ceremony in Serêkaniyê. The battalion works to strengthen and defend the Rojava revolution through both military and non-military activities.explained member Sefagül Aslan from Turkey, Revolutionary left organizations from Turkey, Spain, Greece and Germany have formed the battalion and invite revolutionary-minded individuals and groups from around the world to join.

Sefagül is a member of communist group TKP-ML/TİKKO from Turkey. The TKP-ML/TİKKO is the Turkish Communist Party–Marxist-Leninist and the Liberation Army of the Workers and Peasants of Turkey. “As people from around the world are joining Daesh and taking part in inhumane barbarism, we are doing the opposite. We’re forming a battalion to fight alongside the YPG/YPJ, to provide a space for peoples from around the world and to build international unity,” Sefagül explained.

She stressed that there is space in the battalion for revolutionaries of all religions, languages and identities. Members do not only fight; IFB also takes part in non-military activities to build the revolution. At the same time, the brigade is working against the oppression of women. ISIS/Daesh has become known worldwide for its practices of raping women and selling them as slaves. Sefagül said that she and her group had long witnessed the Turkish’s state’s violence against women. The revolution in Rojava gave her hope that change was possible for women around the world. “Every victory here by the women’s liberation movement gives hope to the women of the world,” Sefagül said. “We want to see women leave their homes and come here.”

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