Internationalist Free Brigade established in Rojava




Encompassing the power of Rojava and Middle Eastern peoples, Internationalist Free Brigade has been established in Rojava. The brigade will be fighting against ISIS and similar occupying forces.

MLKP has been involved in the establishment of the brigade since January, and organizations such as Reconstruction (Spain), TİKKO, United Freedom Forces (BÖG), MLSPB Revolution Front, and revolutionaries from Greece are among the brigade’s fighters. The brigade supports the Commander Rubar Qamişlo Initiative that began on June 6, and has released the following statement:

“Middle East has been a blood bath because of imperialist blood suckers and exploiters. Same forces brought together ISIS so that people in the region bow down to occupation and oppression. ISIS gangs massacre Christian, Êzîdî, Assyrian, and Muslim peoples. Gangs sell women and children in slave markets and organize massive executions in ways that resemble the centuries-long strategies of their imperialist masters.

Organized peoples’ resistance against these forces’ desire to destroy their languages, faiths, lives, and identities has been led by YPG-YPJ and became successful in places such as Kobanê, Şengal, Til-Hemis, and Serekaniyê.

Rojava revolution came to the fore of global politics and YPG-YPJ resistance is admired and supported by impoverished masses. With international fighters, Rojava became today’s Bekaa and Palestine. Rojava Revolution is the Paris Commune under German siege, Madrid in Spanish civil war, and Stalingrad during 2nd Pillage War (WW2).

Rojava revolution has upset power balances in neighboring countries, especially Turkey, and has become the heart of world revolutions and the beacon of oppressed peoples’ resistance.

As a women’s revolution, Rojava has strengthened women’s will and become the symbol of struggle against patriarchy and global bigotry.

Revolutionaries across the world have turned their attention to Rojava and never hesitated to fight and die for victory here in order to expand the revolution.

Revolutionary forces in Turkey and different parts of the globe have come to Rojava in order to strengthen the revolution and expand the war to the lands they came from.

We fight in Rojava, die as martyrs and carry the banner of resistance…

We fight at the frontline against imperialism and bigots in the region…

We confront ISIS gangs’ brutal attacks on the revolution…

We live the revolution and feel it in our veins and cells…

We are the people in Kurdistan who made the Rojava revolution, the workers, oppressed people, women and internationalist revolutionaries who fight under the banner of YPG-YPJ…

We are Spanish, German, Greek, Turkish, Arab, Armenian, Laz, Circassian, and Albanian…

We are the revolutionary forces and organizations that have come together from different parts of the world to form the INTERNATIONALIST FREEDOM BRIGADE.

All oppressed people, workers, laborers, women, youth, religious groups, ecologists, anti-imperialists, anti-fascists, anti-capitalists, democrats and revolutionaries of the world; we call on you to fight under the banner of INTERNATIONALIST FREEDOM BRIGADE in order to defend the Rojava revolution and expand it in order to establish people’s sisterhood in the Middle East and the rest of the world…”

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