Strike declaration by Kobad Ghandy-June 1


‘I have 68 years and I spent five and a half years in Tihar Jail in Delhi with the case almost buckled. Although routine transfers (every three to five months) of prisoners to the high-risk area of the prison to take place for four years, I did about that since August 2014. This is the third in nine months. Previously, transfers were carried out in prison that as a punishment. I have a heart condition, blood pressure, a sliding vertebral disc, ankylosing spondylitis, a kidney problem and many other health problems – and specifically all worsened after August 2014.

During our transfers, we must carry our bags ourselves (10-15 kilos), undergo various excavations of all our items, we are made to wait outside the gates of the prison for 4-5 hours waiting for a vehicle, packed like sardines with our luggage in one van and taken to the new prison door. Then two more thorough searches, and again carry all our stuff to the neighborhood, etc. We must pass the medical examination for any newcomer. Then a rush to the cells, the latecomers getting worst. Then, roughly 2 or 3 days pass clean the disgusting cell and storage of our business, without any help. In the new jail, all medical treatments are interrupted, medical plans and other permissions must be requested again, as was the bed and western toilet. This may take a few days to a few months. Furthermore, Vodafone equipment must also be started from scratch. No sooner are we installed and adapted to the new batch of criminals (some of which can be very bad) that occurs the next transfer, and the whole process starts again.

My transfer was made on 30 May in the middle of an examination for a heart problem at the GB Pant Hospital. Since the order of the High Court in 2012 asking the Tihar Jail to take better care of its senior citizens (aged 65 to read), I asked to be transferred in the area reserved for senior citizens, or that the I am given similar equipment in the high-risk area, but in vain. On the contrary, whereas at the beginning he never transferred me he employ it since August 2014, this clearly being a method of harassment and destruction of my health. Since all calls, both on legal grounds humanitarians were ignored, I, ultimately, had to put in an unlimited hunger strike since my last transfer on 30 May. ‘

Kobad Ghandy

Tihar Jail 8/9 High Risk Ward (Ward 5)

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