In Support of the Australian Indigenous Peoples’ Struggle against Adani




Press Release 1 June , 2015

The indigenous people of Australia have been waging struggle against Adani group, one of the big industrial houses of India and the nearest and dearest of Prime Minister Narendra Modi which is looting their jal, jungle, jameen (water, forest and land) and resources. This is inseparable part of the worldwide struggle being fought for the right of the people over jal, jungle, jameen and resources. Adani group has signed a deal with Australian government to develop a coal mine in Queens Land with an investment of 19 thousand and 500 crores. People have already knocked the doors of the court in this regard. Our party is very much enthusiastic and inspired with the Australian indigenous peoples’ struggle and heartily supports it.

We call upon them to continue and intensify the struggle to stop Adani’s coal mine project. The international finance capital is trying to put the burden of it’s crisis on the shoulders of the people of the oppressed countries. Under this conspiracy, MoUs relating to big dams, big mining projects, big industries and special economic zones (SEZs) are signed at a large scale. In India to speed up the implementation of these projects the war on people under the name of Operation Green Hunt (OGH) is being intensified. In the forest areas of India where the tribal population comprises vast majority, the indigenous people are fighting militantly and in an organized way against domestic and foreign big corporate houses like Tata, Essar, Jindal, Mittal, Neco, Vedanta, Posco, Salem, TPG etc., to establish their right over jal, jungle, jameen and resources. In the majority of such areas people are fighting under the leadership our party with better coordination between peoples’ movements and people’s war. In Dandakaranya and Bihar – Jharkhand to establish self rule and for genuine development people are trying to establish and expand the organs of the people’s democratic state power-Janatana sarkars in their embryonic form by throwing out the exploitative state power.

The Indian comprador capitalist class is investing it’s capital in backward and other countries of the world to serve the interests of the international finance capital and as well as to get commission and share from it’s loot. Since Modi took oath as prime minister, trying hard to tooth and nail to make his nearest and dearest capitalist friends get lands, mines, contracts, leases and opportunities to invest in India and abroad. Coal mine project of Adani in Queens Land of Australia should be seen in this context only. The social life of the indigenous people will be badly affected by such projects. Not only this, the displacement problem will also arise. The environmental balance will also be affected so badly.

The economic life, life style, cultural life and social composition everything will be destroyed. Exploitative ruling classes have nothing to do with the life and miseries of the people. They are only meant for profits, and just for super profits. Our party once again appeals to the indigenous people of Australia who are fighting against Adani to stand firm in their struggle. Our party declares that it always stand firm by the oppressed people of the world in the struggle against the exploitation and suppression of the international finance capital. We call upon to widely use all kinds of struggle forms viz, mass movements, legal forms and armed resistance. Our party calls upon the workers, peasants, indigenous people, tribal social organizations and human rights organizations of India and the world to provide every possible support to the Indigenous people of Australia in their struggle against Adani.

(Gudsa Usendi) Spokesperson,

Dandakaranya Special Zonal Committee,

CPI (Maoist).

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