Repression will never stop the rebellion!

DHF taksim gozalti basin aciklamasi 1

The DHF comrades arrested are not alone!

Let us join and intensify the international solidarity!

The Turkish police, with huge forces (it is reported that around 800 took part in the operation) raided the houses of dozens of revolutionary activists members of DHF (Federation of democratic rights) in Istanbul and Kocaeli, in the early morning of May 27. According to the first information, 22 activists have been arrested, accused to be members of the Maoist Communist Party (MKP) and to have participated on May Day and Berkin Elvan demonstrations.

The police said they are still seeking a number of activists and other raids are expected. The number of police involved and the charges on the activists filed show clearly the terrorist and vengeful purpose of these arrests. The Turkish regime is trying to intimidate the revolutionaries and, especially, the growing people’s movement which took the streets again in the recent weeks. This is the reprisal of the Turkish State. But, as the DHF comrades wrote in their communiqué: “Detentions will not intimidate us”.

The many protests in solidarity with the arrested activists organized in Istanbul, Dersim, Ankara, Izmir, Antalya, Erzincan, Mersin, Adana and many other cities throughout Turkey show that this simply the truth. In London also and in different countries in Europe, even in the far Norway, protests in solidarity with DHF took place. The repressions will never stop the rebellion! DHF is not alone! maoistroad joins the international solidarity and call or the revolutionary anti-imperialist and democratic forces and individuals to extend the solidarity internationally, with protests at the Turkish embassies and consulates and other actions wherever is possible.

maoistroad 29.5.2015

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