Police terror and arrests against revolutionaries of DHF in Istanbul and Kocaeli!

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Today, 27.05.2015, 18 activists of DHF (Federation of democratic rights) get arrested by an police and anti-terror raid in Istanbul and Kocaeli. The arrested people are accused to be member of the Maoist Communist Party (MKP) and to participate on 1. May and Berkin Elvan demonstrations. 800 Police and Anti-Terror members take part during this raid against revolutionaries.

There were at least 18 arests in 10 districts of Istanbul and Kocaeli. These are: Çağlar Fakir, Sinan Candan, Erdem Taş, Erdal Sönmez,Özge Tanır, Cihan Soyaktaş, Veysel Yıldız, Çağla Göçebe, Halil İbrahim Şeker, Kadir Çelik, Sinem Yaşar, Özgür Han Memiş, İsa Yalçın, Fırat Önal, Eren Sayilgan, Akın Odabaş and Taylan Erdogan (Kocaeli). Except the arests of the DHF, DGH and DKH activists the police also confiscate the laptop of the DHF – HDP candidate for the elections Erdal Atas.

According to information of the police there could more raids against the DHF especially against Senol Akdag, Helin Felekoglu and Soner Gündüz. The Police investigates also against Ali Yildiz and Ceylan Cagir. But the two of them could not be found by the police. Barricades were build during the raids against the activists to stop the police. After short clashes the police managed to destroy the barricades. Today there will be demonstrations in Istanbul and other cities against this police terror.

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