A call to the people to fight back the new form of salva judum and the supportive organization of greenhunt, salva judum-2

The son of Mahendra Karma who died in the Jeeramghati ambush in the hands of PLGA, Chavindra karma and one of the gang leaders of first salva judum and goonda Chaitram Attami and others announced on the 5th of May that they would start salva judum- 2 for ‘peace’ and ‘development’ of Bastar and also formed ‘Vikas Sangharsh Samiti’. This salva judum-2 is nothing but a hindutva fascist BJP government sponsored murderous goonda gangster organization formed by the Congress Karma family and the goondas of BJP and anti people elements. In fact it is a new form of salva judum and a supportive organisation to greenhunt. The first jan jagaran, salva judum, greenhunt and now salva judum-2, all these abhiyans are actually campaigns to repress the people.

The salva judum- 2 in the name of peace and development is to sell off the natural property of the state to the domestic and foreign capitalists. It is for eliminating the blossoming people’s power, the revolutionary people’s government, the janathana sarkar that is working for self-reliance and genuine development of the people of Dandakaranya. It is to intensify the fascist military and organised repressive campaign on the masses of the state. The heroic masses of Bastar have been fighting back many kinds of repressive campaigns with bravery, in the history of the revolutionary movement in the past 35 years. Similarly they would defeat the salva judum-2 also. The revolutionary movement and the people’s war would avenge the present jan jagaran as like it did to mahendra karma and the other goondas of salva judum.

Our party calls upon the struggling masses of Dandakaranya to give a strong resistance to the present salva judum-2 with the experience and lessons from the first jan jagaran abhiyan and the salva judum. We appeal to the masses of Bastar, mainly the adivasis to become alert towards the anti repressive campaign on the people that would displace them from their jal jungle and zameen and also to put a vigil on those who become part of it. This campaign is a big danger to the adivasi and non adivasi people of Bastar. So we appeal to the adivasi, the non adivasi social organisations, sarva adivasi samaj, and the sarva samaj not only to stay away from this anti people campaign but also to stand in strong opposition to it. In terms of the ruling exploitative classes, peace means silently bearing the violence, loot, atrocities, exploitation and repression on the people. Development means destruction, total destruction of the people.

For the governments, development means the development of domestic and foreign industrial corporations, the development of landlords, the development of leaders and bureacrats. Development means in their sense, mega industries, big projects, big dams, special economic zones, industrial corridors, atomic projects, air defense, military hub, military training school, light studded roads, super highways, 5 star hotels, sky scrappers, mobile towers, corporate banks, police stations and camps and nothing else.

Development means displacement of the people. Our party understands that actual development is food, clothing, water, shelter, land, education, health, employment, irrigation and other such basic amenities to the majority of the people of the country. The bitter experience of the first jan jagaran of 1990-`91, the second jan jagaran abhiyan of 1997-`98, the military, organised salva judum that was initiated in 2005 June and went on for four years, the countrywide fascist military repressive campaign operation greenhunt that started in 2009, the present campaign involves uncountable atrocities on the people, murders, massacres, fake encounters, encounters, sexual atrocities on women, loot, burning of houses, fake arrests, putting people in jail, long and life imprisonments, destruction of hundreds of villages, forcing people into concentration camps in the name of relief camps. In fact they are nothing but strategic hamlets.

Migration of more than a lakh of people from Bastar to Telangana and Orissa out of terror and fear, tens of thousands of people becoming homeless and forced to take shelter in the forest and other such things are not only known to the people of Bastar, but also to the people of the country and the world. Thousands of adivasi youth were forced to become SPOs out of fear, terror and greed. This is nothing but making them pluck the eyes with their own fingers. It should be noted that first salva judum too was propagated to be a peace campaign. Strong people’s movement and people’s war gave a stiff resistance to all these campaigns and would continue to resist. Progressive and democratic intellectuals, writers, teachers, lawyers, media persons raised their voice against the fascist military, organised repression campaign salva judum and came on to the roads. They took up a legal fight. It became inevitable for the government to stop salva judum. Under the leadership of the party, PLGA, janathana sarkars, mass organisations and the masses are making uncountable sacrifices to resist the present greenhunt operation.

The proletariat organisations, maoist parties and organisations, human rights organisations, intellectuals, progressive and democratic people and media of the country and over the world are coming forward in an unprecedented manner to protest the fascist repressive campaign and in support to the people’s war in India. We appeal to the progressive, democratic intellectuals, writers, teachers, lawyers, media persons, human rights organisations of the country and the world to come on to the roads in protest to the anti people, fascist organised campaign, raise their voice and come forward to protect the jal jungle and zameen, the natural resources, environment and the survival and identity of the adivasis. SPOs who joined the government forces out of fear or greed, did anti people activities for a while and later realising their mistake surrendered to the people.

They asked excuse for their mistakes and are living among the people. Our party appeals to and gives an opportunity to those persons who out of their weakness and out of greed and pressure, stood against the people’s movement, to come and meet the people, admit their mistakes, ask excuse and live a normal and happy life. Our party calls upon the PLGA to bring the anti people persons, enemies of the people and renegades in front of the people’s court and take up necessary action.

(Gudsa Usendi) Spokesperson,

Dandakaranya Special Zonal Committee,

CPI (Maoist).

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