Immediate release and political asylum to the Turkish militants-KKE (ml)


On April 15-18, the so-called “anti-terrorist” police forces in Europe and in Greece invaded, fully armed, the houses of Turkish militants and arrested 13, 4 in Athens, 7 in Germany, 1 in Switzerland and 1 in France. They are accused of being members and leaders of TKP/ML (Communist Party of Turkey/Marxist Leninist), an organization assumed to be terrorist by the Turkish regime, like all organizations of the left in Turkey, where even expressing left political views is persecuted and may lead to long imprisonment. It should be noted that in a similar operation in Europe a few years ago, many of the above were also arrested on similar charges, which, however, collapsed.

The assumed democratic European Union, with the German state in the front line, started to form, a long time ago, on the pretext of terrorism, an authoritative legal context, which, in fact, targets the working people of Europe and has, as first victims, immigrants and refugees. This practice is absolutely in line with all kinds of interventions of the powerful of Europe in and out of the European Union. Obviously, the Turkish militants are prosecuted on their political views and their struggle in Turkey and in the European countries where they live and work. Most of them have spent years in the prisons of Turkey since their youth, they were inhumanly tortured, so that they have permanent health problems, and were finally released after the false accusations collapsed. All the above are proven by facts and official verdicts of Turkish courts. The above militants were forced, like many others, to resort in Europe and continue their struggle through ATIK (Confederation of Turkish Workers in Europe), an organization which is broadly known in Europe for its activities on democratic rights of immigrants and its struggle for peace against imperialist wars.

The German state has crossed all lines by demanding and promoting a Europe-fortress, which uses the most autocratic apparatus against its people. That is why we are concerned with the arrests of the Turkish militants. Their life will be in danger if they are deported to Turkey or even Germany, because from there they will most probably also end up in Turkey. We are concerned because the Greek authorities are aligned with these policies and execute them shamelessly. According to a complain filed by the Team of Lawyers for the Rights of Refugees and Immigrants, one of the arrested has applied since April 16th for political asylum, but was moved on April 22nd to the Consulate of her country of origin because of the charges against her by the Turkish authorities on her political believes.

This action is a clear violation of the Geneva Convention of 1951 on refugees. However, thanks to the immediate mobilization this process was interrupted and the Turkish militant is now free. This is an important fact which constitutes a victory of the internationalist solidarity and shows the way for the justification of all Turkish militants.

• We demand that the Turkish militants are not deported in Turkey nor to any other European country and are granted political asylum immediately

• We demand their immediate release until their applications for political asylum are handled If they are deported, the sole responsibility will lie with the government, which will be liable against the people and mostly against all those who struggle for the democratic rights of the people.

The right is with the fighting people and not with the reactionary and the imperialists

Organize mass mobilization against the deportation of the Turkish militants

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